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Hurricane Sandy Makes a Mess of Manhattan

Sandy is a loose, unpredictable cannon,” said  Kerry Emanuel, the MIT climate researcher who is author of Divine Wind, The History and Science of Hurricanes, along with What We Know About Climate Change.  You can say that again! The Longitude office on 30th Street is up and running but downtown Manhattan was left without power, public transportation is yet to resume and the city is all but shutdown today.

In addition to Divine Wind — and some patience as Longitude gets back to normal, we suggest for anyone interested in the weather (and who isn’t!) The Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Change, one in a series of Complete Visual Guides, published by the University of California Press. Magnificently illustrated, authoritative and exceedingly well-organized, this striking visual guide by a team of experts covers weather, clouds, storms, regional climate, meteorology and changing climate in striking full color maps, charts, photographs and succinct text. And if you are wondering why we still can’t predict the weather,  Kerry Emanuel suggests in a recent WSJ essay, Why America has Fallen Behind the Rest of the World in Storm Forecasting, that is has as much to do with a lack of political will as it does the complexity of the system. The Europeans, apparently are better at it!

Essential Reading: Climate Change

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