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Big News! After 12 years on 30th Street in New York, Longitude moved Minnesota and its new home at East View Map Link, where the new team took over customer service and fulfillment in December.

Co-founder Darrel Schoeling will stay on with Longitude, remaining in New York and heading up marketing, sales and overseeing content and partner relations as usual. Daniel Kaizer, who co-founded the company with Darrel in 1999, gets his wish: to go do something else. He’ll be on call to do his usual magic with databases, troubleshooting and reporting. Alas, book maven and crack Longitude fulfillment manager Daniel Petraitis is having too much fun at his new house in Bushwick to consider moving to the Midwest. Editor Ben Lothson will continue (and Kibo the dog too) in New York, working with Darrel at 115 West 30th Street, Suite 1201, New York, NY 10001, just down the hall from the old Longitude.

Longitude and East View are a natural fit, says Christopher  Group, Managing Director of EVML, reaching the same target audience of adventurous, intellectually curious travelers. One of Longitude’s biggest suppliers (which is how all this started), East View Map Link stocks and sells thousands of country, regional and city maps from publishers around the world, both wholesale at EVmaplink.com and through the retail site at TrekTools.com. “Longitude’s many tour operator and travel partners,” notes Chris, ” have access to a greater range of maps, and at a much better discount.” It was Chris, with operations manager John Miller, who loaded up the office and drove Longitude’s inventory of books and maps from New York to Minneapolis.  Never one to say not to a new adventure, Chris has been in travel most of his career, starting up a villa rental company with a focus on Tuscany and founding trektools.com.

East View Map Link, and now Longitude, is part of East View Geospatial, founded by Kent Lee in 1995. East View provides all sorts of geospatial data, including topographic maps, nautical charts, custom data sets and mapping, elevation models, remote sensing imagery, geological maps, atlases and books to diverse clients. Based in Minnesota but with offices in Moscow, Kiev and other far-flung places, East View Information Services has as its tagline, “Uncommon Information, Extraordinary Places, Exceptional Service,” which could serve equally well for Longitude.   As Kent explained to Daniel and Darrel on their trip to Minnesota, he’s long been interested in making information available, particularly from countries like Soviet Russia, where even basic geographical data had closely guarded.

Vice President of East View Information Services, Dima Frangulov, kindly contributed this from the Moscow office, where he is until the end of the month, on some favorite places and the relationship between reading and travel. “When I traveled to Spain in the province of Girona, Catalonia, I had to visit the city of Figueres to enjoy the landscapes in the birthplace of my favorite artist Salvador Dali. Later when we drove to Sevilla in the south of Spain, the Death of Manolete by Barnaby Conrad allowed me to better appreciate the vicious Spanish national sport of bull-fighting. Of course, you cannot drive across Sevilla without visualizing the proud horseman Don Quijote de la Mancha followed on a dusty road by his faithful servant Sancho Panza. My first hours in London, in order to fulfill my childhood dream, I rushed to the 221B Baker Street trying to meet the world famous private detective and his doctor friend. Alas, nobody was at home, but the landlady Mrs. Hudson gave me a good tour of the house and even had my picture taken next to the fireplace.”

“As I hope you can see,” notes Darrel, “Longitude and East View are going to get along just fine!”

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