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Fall Travel Titles

Autumn is the ideal time for reading. With the crisp weather, our minds begin to clear. Here are the top ten travel books we are looking forward to curling up with this fall. Check here for more forthcoming travel titles!

America’s Great Hiking Trails. This gorgeous presentation of America’s greatest hiking trails spans 49 states, 8 national parks and more than 50,000 miles of terrain. Each of the 40 featured trails is accompanied by descriptions, suggestions for hiking trips, a map and photo gallery. The lavish photographs are to the credit of Bart Smith, the only person to have hiked all 11 National Scenic Trails from end to end.

Walking the Woods and the Water. Fans of Patrick Leigh Fermor can return to his famous route, from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul, through the travels of Nick Hunt, who began his own “great trudge” in 2011, retracing Fermor’s 1933 journey and discovering a modern day version of the unexpected hospitality and exhilarating freedom of the open road.

Ciao, Carpaccio! Jan Morris hails the Venetian Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio in this charming homage to his work. In the course of writing her 1961 classic book on Venice, Morris became utterly enchanted with this sometimes-overlooked artist. Now she indulges her infatuation with this handsomely designed and entertaining exploration of Carpaccio’s art.

The Golden Lands. The product of 25 years of research into Buddhist architecture, this survey by Vikram Lall takes us from the monastic complexes of India to the “dzongs” of Bhutan, inside the “wats” of Southeast Asia and through the simple wooden shrines of Japan. Lall celebrates the architectural innovations and spiritual significance of each inspired style. Gorgeously illustrated throughout with color photography and 3-D renderings.

Berlin, Portrait of a City through the Centuries. This beautifully observed portrait of Berlin explores how centuries of constant flux have shaped the city and its inhabitants. Infusing past with present, MacLean explores the city’s volatile history over five centuries through reimagined portraits of two dozen key residents: from Berlin’s charismatic dictators to its iconic mythmakers.

Cities that Shaped the Ancient World. In this fascinating historical exploration, renowned historian J.J. Norwich profiles 40 important urban centers of the ancient world, from China and Mesoamerica to Europe and Ethiopia.

Inside Tracks. The astounding story of Robyn Davidson, as captured by National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan. Davidson spent an entire year crossing the outback with a dog and four camels to keep her company. Her award-winning account of the journey, Tracks (AUS15), is now a major motion picture.

Midnight in Siberia. In this eye-opening travelogue, NPR Moscow bureau chief David Greene takes a 6,000-mile ride on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, capturing the soul of contemporary Russia.

Havana Modern. In vivid, original photographs, Connors ushers us through 100 examples of Havana’s best-preserved Nouveau and Art Deco architecture, built between the early 1900s and 1965.

Red Nile. This biography of the Nile River overflows with stories of the human history that has played out on the great river’s banks. Robert Twigger meanders along the course of the Nile, bringing to the surface fascinating tales of crocodiles and caliphs, nineteenth century adventurers and twentieth-century novelists, biblical prophets and classical lovers.

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