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China’s New Year

As we ring in the Chinese New Year, we’re highlighting a few new publications on that country in this year of the rooster.

CHN831China’s Economy, What Everyone Needs to Know. Kroeber thoroughly examines the recent history of the Chinese economy, presenting an even-handed approach to the future of China as it continues to grow. He explores the nuance of Chinese politico-bureaucracy as it relates to the economy. Free of economic jargon and technical details; aimed at a broad audience of those interested in knowing more about China’s economy.

China, The Cookbook. This immense cookbook is the definitive work on the world’s oldest cuisine. Featuring over 650 authentic Chinese recipes, the impressive assemblage showcases dishes from 20 different regions of China. Recipes include popular staples, regional classics and selections from star chefs, including: Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, Dim Sum, Fujian Fried Rice and Jiangsu’s Drunken Chicken.

CHN861Land of Fish and Rice. Discussing a region very important to Chinese cuisine, this cookbook features simple and flavorful recipes from the southern Yangtze. It draws on the region’s native flora and fauna for specialties like chrysanthemum leaves with pine nuts, Buddhist vegetarian tofu rolls and fresh clam custard. The recipes are presented alongside some exquisite images. Highly respected in the world of Chinese cooking, Fuchsia Dunlop has won four James Beard Awards.

South of the Yangtze. China’s fabled Chiangnan region in late 1991. He navigates that borderless territory at the center of Chinese civilization — past hillsides of tea plants, misty lakes and Taoist temples — connecting to China’s ancient origins. Porter is also the author of Zen Baggage, South of the Clouds and Yellow River Odyssey.

CHN781Notes from China. The field notes and essays of two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Barbara Tuchman capture ordinary Chinese (farmers, provincial party bosses, farmers, scientists and educators) as they were in the summer of 1972. Using her journalistic descriptive powers, Tuchman describes a post-Revolution China with social and economic ills, a biased media and powerful Chairman Mao.

Pocket Photo Guide to the Birds of China. Part of Bloomsbury’s Pocket Photo Guide series, this field guide to China depicts 252 of the country’s most common and endemic species. Each bird is illustrated with a clear color photograph and a brief, authoritative description. Ideal for those who travel light, the book easily slips in a pocket or daypack.

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