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Indonesia, Etc., Exploring the Improbable Nation  •  Elizabeth Pisani
Though she traveled 26,000 miles around the 13,500 islands that comprise Indonesia, journalist Elizabeth Pisani goes far beyond the numbers to explore what holds the impossibly disparate nation together. Along her journey, she debates corruption and cannibalism, navigates impossibly strange traditions and sleeps in a volcano. (INS121, $17.95)
  Indonesia, Etc., Exploring the Improbable Nation
Nathaniel's Nutmeg  •  Giles Milton
HISTORY •  2000 •  PAPER  • 388 PAGES
A rousing tale of international competition, greed and exploitation in 17th-century Indonesia. The book revolves around Nathaniel Courthroupe, who held off Dutch marauders on a tiny nutmeg-producing island from 1616-1620 (before being killed). The Dutch eventually got the island (and control over much of Indonesia) but gave the British the island of Manhattan in exchange. It's a great story, well told -- and all true. (INS73, $16.00)
  Nathaniel's Nutmeg
Lonely Planet Indonesia  •  Peter Turner
GUIDEBOOK •  2016 •  PAPER  • 832 PAGES
A practical guide to all of Indonesia. Featuring introductions to the islands' culture, art and history, along with 200 maps and a great deal of practical information, this is a extremely useful guide for the independent traveler. (INS77, $34.99)
  Lonely Planet Indonesia
Indonesia Map  •  Nelles
2014 •  MAP
This outstanding map of all of Indonesia at a scale of 1:4,500,000 includes separate detailed insets of the island of Bali, North Sumatra, Central Java, Lombok and South Sulawesi. Two Sides. 10x4.75in inches. (INS07, $13.95)
  Indonesia Map

Also Recommended

Java Adventure Map  •  National Geographic Society    •  This excellent double-sided map in the growing series shows Java at 11:700,000 (INS118, $11.95)
Culture Smart! Indonesia  •  Graham Saunders   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A concise and practical guide to local Indonesian customs, etiquette and culture. (INS104, $9.95)
Diving in Indonesia, The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best Dive Spots: Bali, Komodo, Sulawesi, Papua, and More  •  Sarah Ann Wormald   • GUIDEBOOK  •  This comprehensive guide to the best dive sites in Indonesia includes maps, logistical information, rankings of difficulty and plenty of detailed description. It covers: Bali, Sulawesi, Nusa Teggara, Maluku, Raja Ampat and West Papua. (INS134, $19.95)
Lonely Planet Indonesian Phrasebook  •  Paul Woods   • LANGUAGE & PHRASEBOOKS  •  A handy phrasebook for Indonesian basics. This guide focuses on pronunciation, basic grammar and essential vocabulary for the traveler. (INS64, $8.99)
Lonely Planet Pocket Jakarta  •  Lonely Planet   • GUIDEBOOK • COMING IN JULY  •  A practical guide to the city of Jakarta that fits in your pocket, with the top sites, the best walks, food, art, shopping, views, nightlife and more. Includes pull-out city map. (INS144, $13.99)
A Brief History of Indonesia  •  Tim Hannigan   • HISTORY  •  This concise but colorful history focuses on the diverse developers and inhabitants of the islands who shaped Indonesia's rich thousand-year history, from Chinese Buddhists to Dutch explorers. (INS133, $16.95)
Borobudur, Golden Tales of the Buddhas  •  John N. Miksic   • RELIGION  •  Excellent preparation for Borobudur, this pictorial helps visitors read the site well, with vivid illustrations and expert text. (INS143, $19.95)
Enchanting Indonesia  •  David Bowden   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  In this travel primer, David Bowden profiles the best of Indonesia, from Bali and Lombok to Java, Jakarta and beyond. His colorful book features cultural attractions like UNESCO World Heritages Sites Borobudur and Prambanan as well as Indonesia's diving, snorkeling, surfing, climbing and hiking opportunities. (INS136, $17.95)
In the Time of Madness, Indonesia on the Edge of Chaos  •  Richard Lloyd Parry   • HISTORY  •  A riveting, personal account of contemporary Indonesia, including violent upheavals in Java, Borneo and East Timor by a correspondent for the Times of London. (INS102, $14.00)
Indonesia, Islands of the Imagination  •  Michael Vatikiotis   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  A photographic journey through the world's largest archipelago featuring 140 full-color photos by Jill Gocher. Vatikiotis takes us through a myriad of breathtaking scenes, from Jakarta and Bali to Sumatra, Sulawesi and New Guinea (and plenty of islands in between). (INS123, $16.95)
Indonesia, Peoples and Histories  •  Jean C. Taylor   • HISTORY  •  This broad social history addresses, with authority, the diversity of communities, upheaval and challenges of Indonesia. Taylor weaves a vivid tale of the nation from prehistory to modern politics. (INS94, $32.00)
Indonesian Destinies  •  Theodore Friend   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  A comprehensive and vivid history of modern Indonesia that combines scholarship, first-person experience and a wealth of contemporary Indonesian sources -- from generals and scholars to ordinary folk. (INS106, $30.50)
Ring of Fire, An Indonesia Odyssey  •  Lawrence Blair   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  The companion book to the Emmy Award-winning documentary, this is the first-person account of the adventures of two English brothers, Lorne and Lawrence Blair, as they explore the astonishingly rich cultures of the Indonesian islands. (INS120, $20.00)
Borobudur  •  John Miksic   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  A professor at the University of Singapore, Miksic includes stunning reproductions of the intricately carved reliefs of the ninth-century monument in this invaluable overview. (INS08, $49.95)
Traditional Indonesian Textiles  •  John Gillow  •  Barry Dawson   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  With 200 splendid full color examples of the ikats, batiks and other textiles of the region, artisans' techniques and the textiles' cultural significance. (INS22, $22.50)
An Empire of the East, Travels in Indonesia  •  Norman Lewis   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  A veteran journalist and travel writer discovers injustice, deforestation and echoes of violence in Sumatra, East Timor and Papua New Guinea in 1991. (INS127, $34.00)
Revolt in Paradise  •  K'tut Tantri   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  The stunning account of K'tut Tantri's life in Java as a young artist and later as a resistance fighter for Indonesian independence. (INS113, $24.95)
Max Havelaar or the Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company  •  Multatuli  •  Roy Edwards   • LITERATURE  •  Written under a pseudonym, this book is the powerful story of corruption in colonial Java, a classic first published in 1860 -- and instrumental in bringing about change in the region. (INS75, $17.00)
The Indonesia Reader, History, Culture, Politics  •  Eric Tagliacozzo  •  Tineke Hellwig   • ANTHOLOGY  •  This detailed and meticulous sourcebook shows the Indonesian archipelago through the writings of heads of state, journalists, travelers and ordinary Indonesians. Part of the World Readers series. (INS115, $28.95)
The Year of Living Dangerously  •  C.J. Koch   • LITERATURE  •  A tale of intrigue and betrayal set in 1965 revolutionary Yogyakarta, with plenty of local atmosphere. (INS21, $15.00)
This Earth of Mankind  •  Pramoedya Ananta Toer   • LITERATURE • FAVORITE  •  A coming-of-age story set in pre-revolution Indonesia, this novel captures the oral rhythms of a master storyteller. Its protagonist is a native high school student of royal Javanese birth, educated at the exclusive Dutch-language school. (INS04, $17.00)
Krakatoa, The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883  •  Simon Winchester   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A masterful portrait of the island, centered around the dramatic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. A lucid explanation of the volcanology, human drama and ecology of Krakatoa. (INS93, $16.99)
Reflections of Eden, My Years with the Orangutans of Borneo  •  Birute Galdikas   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  Galdikas describes the behavior and natural history of the orangutan as well as her life in the field at Camp Leakey in this classic memoir. (INS14, $23.99)
The Snorkeller's Guide to the Coral Reef, From the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean  •  Paddy Ryan   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  This take-along guide covers coral reefs, fish, invertebrates and plants of the Indo-Pacific and includes 200 color photographs. (DIV18, $21.99)
Volcanoes, Crucibles of Change  •  Richard Fisher   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A complete primer for the volcano lover, this heavily illustrated book covers types of volcanoes and eruptions, worldwide distribution and the physics of their formation. (GEO02, $38.95)
A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Borneo  •  Geoffrey Davidson   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A pocket field guide illustrating 250 species of the more common or spectacular birds found on Borneo, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan. Arranged systematically, with features full-color photographs, identification and habitat notes and range maps. (BRN07, $15.95)
Diving in Southeast Asia, A Guide to the Best Sites in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand  •  Sarah Ann Wormald   • FIELD GUIDE  •  With detailed information on local diving lore, site conditions, accommodations and transportation, plus 100 color photos, this guide to the warm waters of tropical Asia is ideal for planning a diving vacation. (SEA93, $19.95)
Reef Fishes of South-East Asia  •  Michael Aw  •  Elizabeth Wood   • FIELD GUIDE • COMING IN MAY  •  Designed for quick identification, this compact field guide provides line drawings, color photos and concise descriptions of 270 species of fish, corals and invertebrates common to Southeast Asia's reefs. (SEA98, $20.00)
Reef Fishes of the Indo-Pacific  •  Matthias Bergbauer   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A handy field guide to over 800 species of reef fish common to the Indo-Pacific. In beautiful John Beaufoy style, the guide's colorful and high-quality photographs are accompanied by detailed information on identifying features, size, biology and distribution. (DIV63, $35.00)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447