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Buenos Aires, A Cultural History  •  Jason Wilson
HISTORY •  2000 •  PAPER  • 249 PAGES
An exhilarating, erudite guide to Buenos Aires as it has been portrayed by writers, poets and thinkers. Divided geographically, it is a cultural history of the city, its people and character. Wilson quotes writers, internationally famous and locally known, who conjure the geography and mood of the city from its buses and historic rattletrap subway to the cafes, tango, food and smells, and architecture. There's hardly a street corner, building or park that doesn't have literary associations brought forth in this guide. (ARG21, $15.00)
  Buenos Aires, A Cultural History
Tango, The Art History of Love  •  Robert Farris Thompson
HISTORY •  2006 •  PAPER  • 384 PAGES
A probing cultural history of the tango, its working class origins in 19th-century Buenos Aires and Afro-Argentine roots. Thompson, an art historian at Yale, looks also at the depiction of the tango in literature, music, and dance. He covers singer Carlos Gardel, composer Astor Piazzolla and other personalities in the history of the tango. Illustrated. (ARG56, $17.00)
  Tango, The Art History of Love
Lonely Planet Buenos Aires  •  Lonely Planet
The best of Buenos Aires is included in this practical guide, along with a pullout map and insider recommendations on shopping, eating, sleeping and day trips. (ARG10, $21.99)
  Lonely Planet Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Map  •  Borch Maps
2015 •  MAP
A laminated street map of Buenos Aires and surroundings at a scale of 1:15,000. Two Sides. 20 X 39 inches. (ARG38, $9.95)
  Buenos Aires Map

Also Recommended

Buenos Aires StreetSmart Map  •  VanDam    •  VanDam's laminated, accordion-style map brings Buenos Aires into focus with a full city map (which includes indexes of streets, attractions, hotels and restaurants) plus insets of the subway system and downtown. Full-color with 3D renderings of places of interest. Scales vary. (ARG140, $9.95)
Buenos Aires, A Cultural Guide  •  Nick Caistor   • GUIDEBOOK  •  This cultural guide looks at the history of Buenos Aires, examining how culture over time has shaped the city. (BZL130, $17.00)
Culture Smart! Argentina  •  Robert Hamwee   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A concise, well-illustrated and practical guide to local customs, etiquette and culture. (ARG63, $9.95)
Fodor's Buenos Aires  •  Fodor's   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A practical guide in the popular series, saturated with valuable information on accommodation, shopping, sights, and dining. (ARG131, $19.99)
Moon Buenos Aires  •  Nicholas Mills   • GUIDEBOOK • COMING IN MAY  •  A practical guide in the Moon series, packed not only with travel necessities (hotels, restaurants, sights) but also with a good overview of history and destinations throughout Buenos Aires. (ARG142, $21.99)
Secret Buenos Aires  •  Hernan Firpo   • GUIDEBOOK  •  Leading travelers away from crowds, the Secret Guide series favors the underground, the funky, the unusual and the highly memorable. In this Buenos Aires edition, the editors recommend a statue denouncing corruption, a monument to a police dog and many other local curiosities. (ARG141, $21.95)
The Authentic Bars, Cafes and Restaurants of Buenos Aires  •  Gabriela Kogan   • GUIDEBOOK  •  Kogan's great tips on where to eat, drink and dance the tango all night, including a map and a glossary of Argentine food. (ARG84, $14.95)
Vino Argentino, An Insider's Guide to the Wines and Wine Country of Argentina  •  Laura Catena   • FOOD  •  This detailed, lushly illustrated guidebook to Argentina's wine region includes recipes, travel information, historical anecdotes, photographs, conversations with winemakers and a useful wine glossary. (ARG117, $27.50)
Argentina, 1516-1987: From Spanish Colonization to Alfonsin  •  David Rock   • HISTORY  •  A highly readable, comprehensive history of Argentina since colonization. (ARG07, $36.95)
Estancias: The Great Houses and Ranches of Argentina  •  Maria Saenz Quesada  •  Xavier Verstraeten   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  Two dozen magnificent country estates are detailed in this sumptuously illustrated volume, featuring 200 color photographs and a cultural and social history by Maria Saenz Quesada. (ARG62, $75.00)
Evita, The Real Life of Eva Peron  •  Nicholas Fraser   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  Separating fact from myth, Fraser traces Evita's life from her humble origins to her place as a revered cult figure, also exploring Peronism and Argentine politics of the 1930s and 1940s. (ARG03, $15.95)
Tschiffely's Ride  •  Aime Tschiffely   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  The classic account of a remarkable, 10,000-mile journey in 1925 across the Andes, pampas, deserts and tropical forest of South and Central America from Buenos Aires to Washington D.C. Astoundingly, Tschiffely made the epic trek with the same two delightful, determined and hardy (and much loved) gaucho horses, Mancha and Gato. Tschiffely captures the people, landscape of the spirit of places along the way in vivid, down-to-earth detail. (SAM45, $14.95)
Argentina, A Traveler's Literary Companion  •  Jill Gibian   • LITERATURE  •  These choice stories introduce the landscapes and culture of Argentina, from the Andes to the Pampas, through the eyes of its writers. (ARG97, $14.95)
Heartbreak Tango  •  Manuel Puig   • LITERATURE  •  Puig's wicked tale of the life and death of Juan, an impossibly beautiful dancer and Lothario, steeped in the melancholy of Buenos Aires. (ARG23, $13.95)
Imagining Argentina  •  Lawrence Thornton   • LITERATURE  •  A brilliant first novel that captures the hope and spirit of Argentina during the military rule of the late 1970s. This inventive tale focuses on Carlos Rueda and a group of citizens whose relatives disappeared. (ARG01, $16.00)
Labyrinths, Selected Stories and Other Writings  •  Jorge Borges   • LITERATURE  •  The best known work by this extraordinary Argentinian writer. Sometimes bizarre, always hilarious and thought-provoking, this dazzling collection of stories is well worth the effort. (ARG09, $15.95)
Needle in a Hay Stack  •  Ernesto Mallo   • MYSTERY  •  Set in Buenos Aires during the brutal reign of the junta, Mallo's classic noir follows a cop and his obsessive refusal to give up the chase. (ARG120, $14.99)
On Argentina  •  Jorge Luis Borges   • LITERATURE  •  This collection of essays provides a literary travel guide to the esteemed writer's hometown and is centered around the "taste for Buenos Aires," which Borges himself proclaimed as one of the three major themes in his writing. (ARG110, $15.00)
Purgatory, A Novel  •  Tomas Eloy Martinez   • LITERATURE  •  This love story, ghost story and brilliant political allegory -- the great Argentinean novelist's final book before his death in 2010 -- centers around the mysterious reappearance of a man thought to have been one of many disappeared by the military regime 30 years prior. (ARG116, $17.00)
Santa Evita  •  Tomas Eloy Martinez  •  Helen Lane   • LITERATURE  •  This riveting tale of the life -- and afterlife -- of Eva Duarte springs from actual events in Argentina in the 1950s, including the peregrinations of a perfectly preserved corpse. (ARG22, $16.00)
Shantytown  •  Cesar Aira   • LITERATURE  •  The Argentine modernist turns to noir in this inventive short crime novel set in the slums of Buenos Aires. (ARG130, $13.95)
The Buenos Aires Quintet  •  Manuel Vazquez Montalban   • LITERATURE  •  Montalban comments on not just wine, women and song, but also on Argentina's political and cultural history in this riveting detective tale which uses 1970s Buenos Aires and the era's repressive military junta as a backdrop. (ARG48, $14.95)
The Secret in Their Eyes  •  Eduardo Sacheri   • LITERATURE  •  Basis for the 2010 Oscar-winning film and a portrait of 1970s Buenos Aires, Sacheri's novel-within-a-novel follows Benjamin Chaparro, a retired clerk in the Palace of Justice, who sets out to write a novel about a case that has haunted him for decades. (ARG122, $17.95)
The Tunnel  •  Margaret Sayers Peden  •  Ernesto Sabato   • LITERATURE  •  Penguin Classics marks the 100th anniversary of Sabato's birth with new translation of his best-known novel -- a tale of obsessive love that captures the existential soul of Buenos Aires. (ARG119, $16.00)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447