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The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt  •  Bill Manley
HISTORY •  1996 •  PAPER  • 144 PAGES
Organized chronologically, this book is a concise survey of the economic and political development of ancient Egypt as shown through ingenious color maps, site plans, photographs and accompanying essays. If you love maps, this is an indispensable reference. (EGY54, $21.00)
  The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Married to a Bedouin  •  Marguerite Van Geldermalsen
An Arabic speaker who married and raised three children in a 2,000-year-old cave at Petra, Van Geldermalsen describes her transformation from young New Zealand tourist to Bedouin wife and vital member of the community in this compelling, illuminating memoir. (JRD35, $16.95)
  Married to a Bedouin
Eyewitness Guide Egypt  •  Eyewitness Guides
GUIDEBOOK •  2016 •  PAPER  • 360 PAGES
This visually rich guide to the history, culture and monuments of Egypt includes 1,000 color photographs, maps and 3D site diagrams. (EGY90, $25.00)
  Eyewitness Guide Egypt
Egypt Map  •  Cartographia
2013 •  MAP
With insets of Luxor-El Karnak and Cairo, this color map of all Egypt features major roadways, major sights, airports and places of interest. Scaled at 1:1,000,000. Two Sides. 20x40 inches. (EGY03, $12.95)
  Egypt Map

Also Recommended

Cairo Map  •  Cartographia    •  A colorful, folded map of Cairo on thick paper. Insets of Luxor, Alexandria and Heliopolis. Scale 1:13,000. (EGY163, $9.95)
Jordan Map  •  Cartographia    •  A folded, colorful map of Jordan at a scale of 1:700,000. (JRD18, $12.00)
Culture Smart! Egypt  •  Jailan Zayan   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A handy pocket guide to understanding local customs and etiquette. (EGY196, $9.95)
Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Complete Beginners  •  Bill Manley   • LANGUAGE & PHRASEBOOKS  •  Museum-goers and armchair travelers alike can gain a basic knowledge of the language and culture of ancient Egypt with this excellent step-by-step guide to decoding tomb scenes and inscriptions. With illustrations, photographs, a handy list of kings and gods and vocabulary. (EGY398, $16.95)
Lonely Planet Jordan  •  Jenny Walker   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A practical guide in the popular series, featuring maps, tips and much sightseeing information. (JRD16, $24.99)
A History of Jordan  •  Philip Robins   • HISTORY  •  An informative, brief history of Jordan and its monarchy from the 1920s to the present by a professor of politics at Oxford. Robins was previously a Jordan-based correspondent for the BBC and The Guardian. (JRD17, $35.99)
A History of the Arab Peoples  •  Albert Hourani   • HISTORY  •  Called a landmark, masterpiece and essential to understanding the Middle East, Hourani's acclaimed chronicle of the political, spiritual, religious and cultural traditions of the Arab peoples is brought up to date with an afterword by noted Islamic scholar Malise Ruthven. (MDE11, $22.00)
A Map and a Lens, A Photographic Exploration of Jordan's Religious and Cultural Heritage  •  Bashar Tabbah   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT • COMING IN MAY  •  The product of ten years of work, this collection of photographs captures Jordan's most iconic archaeological landmarks and historic sites. British-Jordanian photographer Bashar Tabbah mixes his photos (artfully composed portraits and landscapes) with maps, timelines and informative text. (JRD41, $45.00)
A Traveller's History of Egypt  •  Harry Ades   • HISTORY  •  This effectively condensed chronological history takes in the full sweep from the earliest inhabitants to 21st century politics. (EGY180, $14.95)
By Way of Accident: The True Stories Behind the Discovery of Egypt's Greatest Monuments  •  Ahmed Abul Ella   • HISTORY  •  Taking readers back to the birth of Egyptology, this history chronicles the turbulent political climate in which it arose as well as its famous accidental discoveries, from the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone to the excavation of well-known monuments. (EGY432, $14.99)
Cairo, The City Victorious  •  Max Rodenbeck   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  Rodenbeck presents his hometown in all its chaotic, marvelous glory, combining a lively history of the 5,000-year-old metropolis with description, anecdote and political commentary. (EGY38, $16.95)
Egypt, A Short History  •  Robert L. Tignor   • HISTORY  •  Princeton historian Tignor distills five decades of study and travel for this vivid account of the sweep and tumult of Egyptian history from the settlement of the Nile to the present. (EGY370, $22.95)
Generation Freedom, The Middle East Uprisings and the Remaking of the Modern World  •  Bruce Feiler   • HISTORY  •  As engaged and thoughtful as ever, Feiler brings texture and insight to these thrilling tales of youthful revolt across the Arab world, weaving on-the-spot reports from Tahir Square and elsewhere with history and commentary. (MDE199, $11.99)
Inside Egypt  •  John R. Bradley   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  A reporter in the region since 1999, Bradley pulls no punches in this highly readable expose of the politics and policies of Mubarak's military and modern Egypt. (EGY261, $24.99)
Islam, A Short History  •  Karen Armstrong   • HISTORY  •  Armstrong brings authority and experience to this vivid, clear-headed survey of the history and impact of Islam, from the birth of Mohammad to present-day challenges. (ISL15, $17.00)
Lawrence in Arabia  •  Scott Anderson   • HISTORY  •  The four spies and adventurers who star in this captivating account -- the Briton T.E. Lawrence, the German archaeologist Curt Prufer, the American oil agent William Yale and the Zionist agronomist and spy Aaron Aaronsohn -- played an outsized role in the making of the modern Middle East. (ARB155, $17.95)
Luxor Illustrated, With Aswan, Abu Simbel and the Nile  •  Michael Haag   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  The ideal companion to a Nile cruise, Haag introduces all the famous monuments and temples of Upper Egypt from Luxor, Karnak, the Valley of the Kings and the tomb of Tutankhamun to the marvels of Aswan and Abu Simbel in full color. (EGY277, $22.95)
Nine Parts of Desire, The Hidden World of Islamic Women  •  Geraldine Brooks   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  A highly readable overview of the role of women in Islamic society, drawn from the author's many interviews with women throughout the Arab World. (ARB06, $15.95)
Petra and the Lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans  •  Jane Taylor   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  Petra's history from the Stone Age to the Nabataeans (who constructed the city) through the Crusades is documented with 150 full-color photographs. (JRD11, $30.00)
The Islamic Enlightenment, The Struggle Between Faith and Reason, 1798 to Modern Times  •  Christopher de Bellaigue   • HISTORY  •  With a fresh perspective on the major Islamic countries in the modern era, this authoritative work charts the reformations that began growing in Istanbul, Cairo and Tehran in the 19th century and continue today. (ISL124, $35.00)
The Nile  •  Toby Wilkinson   • HISTORY  •  Renowned Egyptologist Toby Wilkinson guides readers through Egyptian history on a Nile River journey. Readers are swept from the river's mythical sources to famous historical and cultural sites all the way to Cairo. (EGY409, $17.95)
The White Nile  •  Alan Moorehead   • HISTORY  •  This lively history of the Victorian search for the source of the Nile includes the extraordinary tales of Burton and Speke, not to mention the famous meeting of Livingstone and Stanley. The narrative includes vivid descriptions of Zanzibar, the last days of Khartoum and the building of the Suez Canal. (EGY79, $14.99)
Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture, A Very Short Introduction  •  Christina Riggs   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  Exploring the art and buildings of the ancient Egyptians, this survey accounts for the culture's major pyramids, mummies and visual styling. Primarily, Riggs answers the question: why have Egyptian art and architecture had such an enduring appeal? (EGY416, $11.95)
Art of the Middle East, Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World and Iran  •  Saeb Eigner   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  Showcasing over 500 illustrations and biographies of 200 featured artists, this revised and expanded guide to Middle Eastern art is a comprehensive overview of contemporary styles and themes. (MDE216, $39.95)
The Great Pyramids  •  Jean-Pierre Corteggiani   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  Park of the acclaimed Discoveries series, this lavishly illustrated pocket encyclopedia illuminates the archaeology, history and splendor of Giza, last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. (EGY221, $12.95)
The Nile Cruise  •  Jenny Jobbins   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  Weaving classic travelers' accounts with essays and 150 color photographs, this compact book beautifully illuminates the history and allure of the towns, temples and tombs of the Nile from Abydos to Abu Simbel. (EGY278, $29.95)
The Pharaoh, Life at Court and on Campaign  •  Garry Shaw   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  Shaw traces the lives, history and accomplishments of the Egyptian leaders from the builders of the pyramids in the Old Kingdom to such towering figures as Ramses II in this beautifully illstrated, informative survey. With brief biographies of the rulers. (EGY400, $39.95)
The Search for Ancient Egypt  •  Jean Vercoutter   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  This pocket encyclopedia, packed with illustrations, tells the tale of Greek travelers, buried treasure, international intrigue and scholarship as it delves into the world's long-standing fascination with Egypt's glorious heritage. (EGY02, $15.95)
The Sisters of Sinai, How Two Lady Adventurers Discovered the Hidden Gospels  •  Janet Soskice   • EXPLORATION  •  Soskice vividly recounts the story of Agnes and Margaret Smith, two unlikely and unsung heroines, and their discovery in 1892 of one of the earliest known copies of the gospels at St. Catherine's. (EGY334, $16.95)
Down the Nile, Alone in a Fisherman's Skiff  •  Rosemary Mahoney   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  In this marvelously engaging chronicle, Mahoney weaves the tale of her quest to row the Nile with deft portraits of the people she meets. (EGY207, $14.99)
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, A Triumph  •  T.E. Lawrence   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  The monumental story of Lawrence of Arabia, as colorful and long as the famous movie it inspired. Some of the action is set around Wadi Rum in Jordan. (MDE20, $21.00)
The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit, A Jewish Family's Exodus from Old Cairo to the New World  •  Lucette Lagnado   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  Lagnado poignantly evokes the life of her marvelously social father (the "boulevardier of Cairo") and his milieu in this textured memoir. (EGY215, $14.99)
Walking the Nile  •  Levison Wood   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  Beginning in a Rwandan forest and ending at the Mediterranean coast, Levison Wood became the first to walk the length of the Nile, trekking 4000 miles through jungles, deserts, war zones and six nations in nine months. (EGY430, $16.00)
Appointment with Death  •  Agatha Christie   • MYSTERY  •  Hercule Poirot steps into the story when an American tourist on a grand tour of the Holy Land is found murdered in Petra. (JRD02, $13.99)
Death on the Nile  •  Agatha Christie   • MYSTERY  •  How could we resist? Christie wrote Egypt's most famous murder mystery on the terrace of the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan. (EGY09, $13.99)
Karnak Cafe  •  Naguib Mahfouz   • LITERATURE  •  In this gripping and suspenseful novella from the Egyptian Nobel Prize-winner, three young friends survive interrogation by the secret police, only to find their lives poisoned by suspicion, fear and betrayal. (EGY245, $14.95)
Palace Walk  •  Naguib Mahfouz   • LITERATURE  •  The first volume in the monumental Cairo Trilogy, a family saga set in post-WWI Egypt. Nobel Prize-winning Mahfouz provides insight into life in Egypt and the revolution against the British. (EGY04, $17.00)
The Yacoubian Building  •  Alaa Al Aswany   • LITERATURE  •  The politics, repressed desires, hopes and dreams of Cairo are reflected through the lives of the inhabitants of a once grand apartment house in this deft novel of contemporary Egypt. (EGY175, $13.99)
Red Nile, A Biography of the World's Greatest River  •  Robert Twigger   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  This biography of the Nile River overflows with stories of the human history that has played out on the great river's banks. Twigger meanders along the Nile, bringing to the surface fascinating tales of crocodiles and caliphs, 19th-century adventurers and 20th-century novelists, biblical prophets and classical lovers. (EGY419, $29.99)
The Snorkeller's Guide to the Coral Reef, From the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean  •  Paddy Ryan   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  This take-along guide covers coral reefs, fish, invertebrates and plants of the Indo-Pacific and includes 200 color photographs. (DIV18, $21.99)
Birds of the Middle East  •  Richard Porter  •  Simon Aspinall   • FIELD GUIDE  •  An outstanding guide to 700 species of the birds in the region from the Arabian peninsula to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Cyprus. Second edition. (MDE17, $39.95)
Fishwatcher's Field Guide Red Sea  •  Jerry Greenberg   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This double-sided plastic card shows 64 of the most commonly encountered reef fish of the Red Sea in full-color illustrations, convenient for the boat or beach. (DIV13, $7.50)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447