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Eyewitness Guide Ireland  •  Eyewitness Guides
GUIDEBOOK •  2017 •  PAPER  • 396 PAGES
This superb guide is a wonderfully illustrated introduction to the country, featuring photographs, maps and short background essays on history and culture. Organized geographically, it surveys the attractions of Ireland from Dublin's best pubs, to the Book of Kells and charming rural villages. Take it along. (IRE02, $25.00)
  Eyewitness Guide Ireland
For the Love of Ireland  •  Susan Cahill
ANTHOLOGY •  2001 •  PAPER  • 458 PAGES
A rich anthology of writing about Ireland by such Irish luminaries as James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, Seamus Heaney, William Trevor, Frank McCourt, Edna O'Brien and Samuel Beckett. The well-chosen excerpts, organized by province, evoke the geography of Ireland in wonderful literary detail. Cahill provides an introduction to each selection, along with specific routes and advice for the literary traveler. Highly recommended for any traveler, the anthology is also a fine introduction to Irish literature. The excerpts include short stories, novels, poems and memoirs. (IRE77, $17.00)
  For the Love of Ireland
Ireland Map  •  Michelin
2013 •  MAP
A colorful map of Ireland at a scale of 1:400,000, featuring insets of the road approaches to major cities, as well as an index to cities, towns and villages. One Side. 41x35 inches. (IRE23, $12.95)
  Ireland Map

Also Recommended

Fodor's Dublin's 25 Best  •  Fodor's   • GUIDEBOOK  •  Take along this handy pocket guide, which includes a map and information on city highlights. (IRE30, $13.99)
How the Irish Saved Civilization  •  Thomas Cahill   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  This bestselling history tells the generally unknown story of Ireland's preservation of classical learning in the Dark Ages. Cahill reveals how saints, scholars, monks and scribes reproduced important texts and spread them throughout Europe. (IRE07, $16.00)
In Search of Ancient Ireland  •  Leo Eaton  •  Carmel McCaffrey   • HISTORY  •  This spirited, illustrated history, the companion to a PBS documentary series, traces the foundation, archaeology and legends of ancient Ireland from 9000 B.C. to 1167 A.D. with style and substance. (IRE222, $16.95)
Luck and the Irish, A Brief History of Change 1970-2000  •  Roy Foster   • HISTORY  •  Foster takes in the sweep of contemporary Irish popular culture, music, literature and politics in this short personal book, originally delivered as the Wiles Lectures in Belfast in 2004. (IRE237, $35.00)
Magnum Ireland  •  John Banville   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  This evocative collection of 250 photographs captures the people, landscapes and changing face of Ireland from the 1950s to the 21st century. (IRE170, $60.00)
Malachy McCourt's History of Ireland  •  Malachy McCourt   • HISTORY  •  Rich in anecdote and biography, McCourt may not break new ground but he sure knows how to tell a tale in this entertaining history of the Emerald Isle from Pict and Celtic origins to Yeats, Joyce, Beckett and Bono. (IRE233, $17.00)
Modern Ireland, A Very Short Introduction  •  Senia Paseta   • HISTORY  •  A remarkably concise, provocative history in the well-regarded series, touching on the major aspects of Irish history, politics, and society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. (IRE195, $11.95)
The Truth about the Irish  •  Terry Eagleton   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  An irreverent A-to-Z guide to all things Irish by a native son and shrewd comic commentator. Cahill casts aside many myths, starting with the first entry - A for alcohol (the Irish have the lowest per capita consumption of alcohol in the E.U., after Greece and Italy). (IRE167, $16.99)
Ireland, An Oxford Archaeological Guide  •  Andy Halpin   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  A complete guide and gazetteer covering Ireland's ancient sites and places of interest. With over 250 plans and illustrations of the major sites and treasures (IRE191, $55.00)
The Book of Kells  •  Bernard Meehan   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  Written by the keeper of manuscripts at Trinity College, this book features 110 color illustrations, including enlargements, of some of the more spectacular decorations in this most famous of medieval manuscripts. (IRE09, $19.95)
Green Shadows, White Whale  •  Ray Bradbury   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  Set in Dublin, this 1953 hymn to Ireland recounts Bradbury's hilarious experiences writing the Moby Dick screenplay with John Huston (who Bradbury affectionately refers to as the "Devil Himself"). (IRE53, $14.99)
Ireland, In a Glass of Its Own  •  Peter Biddlecombe   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  A hilarious account of a journey through Ireland by the seasoned and well-traveled author. (IRE185, $15.95)
McCarthy's Bar, A Journey of Discovery in Ireland  •  Pete McCarthy   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  A droll account of McCarthy's encounters on a bar-hopping jaunt from Cork along the west coast to Donegal. His motto, assiduously followed, was never to pass up a bar with his name on it! (IRE168, $18.99)
Silver Linings, Travels Around Northern Ireland  •  Martin Fletcher   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  An account of travels, as well as the people, politics and traditions of Northern Ireland, infused with the author's humor and insightful reporting. (IRE146, $16.95)
The Great Shame, And the Triumph of the Irish in the English-Speaking World  •  Thomas Keneally   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  A vivid family memoir. Keneally traces the history of Ireland, Irish immigration -- and how the English treated the Irish -- through the story of his own ancestors, taking us from 19th-Century Ireland to America and Australia. (IRE204, $19.95)
Dubliners  •  James Joyce   • LITERATURE  •  James Joyce's unsurpassed collection of short stories depicting ordinary life in Dublin among the lower middle class -- a milestone in the history of prose fiction. (IRE15, $11.00)
Irish Fairy and Folk Tales  •  W.B. Yeats   • LITERATURE  •  Edited by the Nobel Prize-winning poet who spearheaded the Celtic Renaissance in the early 20th century, these enchanting stories introduce a cast of changelings, ghosts, mermaids, demons, saints, priests and fairies. (IRE04, $18.00)
The Hill Bachelors  •  William Trevor   • LITERATURE  •  No one writes better short fiction than William Trevor. This collection of 12 stories captures the life and people of rural Ireland. (IRE42, $15.00)
The Teapots Are Out and Other Eccentric Tales from Ireland  •  John B. Keane   • LITERATURE  •  A collection of 17 sentimental, sad, outrageous and just plain fun stories by the prolific North Kerry saloon-keeper, balladeer, playwright and novelist. Keane, who died in 2002, had an eye (and ear) for Irish rural life. (IRE144, $13.95)
Troubles  •  J.G. Farrell   • LITERATURE  •  Set on the eve of the Irish Rebellion, this first novel in Farrell's remarkable series illuminates the British Empire's decline in Ireland to hilarious, haunting effect. Winner of the Man Booker Prize. (IRE171, $17.95)
Yeats's Poetry, Drama, and Prose  •  W. B. Yeats   • LITERATURE  •  An authoritative anthology, heavily annotated and with biographical and background information. (IRE208, $29.25)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447