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Yellowstone, A Visitor's Companion  •  George Wuerthner
GUIDEBOOK •  1992 •  PAPER  • 218 PAGES
A handbook to the geology, ecology, wildlife and plants of Yellowstone. Includes photographs, a bird list and brief field guide with black-and-white drawings. (USW54, $15.95)
  Yellowstone, A Visitor's Companion
Searching For Yellowstone, Ecology and Wonder in the Last Wilderness  •  Paul D. Schullery
Schullery's engaging social and environmental history of Yellowstone from the Pleistocene to the present focuses on the park since its founding in 1872. Author of many books on the park, Schullery has worked in Yellowstone as a ranger, a historian and the chief of cultural resources. (USW59, $19.95)
  Searching For Yellowstone, Ecology and Wonder in the Last Wilderness
Decade of the Wolf, Returning the Wild to Yellowstone  •  Douglas Smith  •  Gary Ferguson
Biologist Smith (Yellowstone Wolf Recovery Project) and nature writer Ferguson look at the 10 years since the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone. (RKY90, $16.95)
  Decade of the Wolf, Returning the Wild to Yellowstone
Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains  •  James Halfpenny  •  Todd Telander
FIELD GUIDE •  2015 •  PAPER  • 176 PAGES
An essential pocket guide to tracks, scats and signs of not just the mammals of the region, but also of the reptiles, amphibians and birds. Each of 70 species gets a double-page spread, with line drawings of the animal, scat and track, range map and description. Winner of the 1999 National Outdoor Book Award in the Nature Guidebook Category, it features shaded pencil drawings by Todd Telander. (USW118, $12.95)
  Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains
Yellowstone National Park Map  •  National Geographic Maps
2012 •  MAP
A hiker's map with great topographic detail, shown at a scale of 1:127,000. Two Sides. 37x26 inches. (USW32, $11.95)
  Yellowstone National Park Map

Also Recommended

Snowshoeing, A Trailside Guide  •  Larry Olmsted   • GUIDEBOOK  •  With durable plastic covers and waterproof pages, this nicely illustrated compact guide to snowshoeing essentials is built for the field. (GEN102, $17.95)
The Yellowstone Winter Guide  •  Jeff Henry   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A practical guide to Yellowstone in winter geared towards snowmobilers. With maps, ski trails, color photographs -- and a chapter on wildlife. (USW69, $13.95)
Yellowstone Country, The Enduring Wonder  •  Seymour L. Fishbein   • GUIDEBOOK  •  An overview of Yellowstone presented in the National Geographic style, featuring spectacular color photographs, maps and good travel information. (SWU76, $16.00)
Scorched Earth, How the Fires of Yellowstone Changed America  •  Rocky Barker   • HISTORY  •  Using the wildfires of Yellowstone National Park as its lens, this captivating book explores the park's origins, the cast of characters who have put their mark on Yellowstone and the development of America's fire and environmental policies. (USW584, $30.00)
The Spirit of Yellowstone  •  Judith L. Meyer  •  Vance Howard   • HISTORY  •  An engaging, scholarly history of Yellowstone and its place in America's imagination, covering the establishment of the park, geography, wildlife and more. Complemented by color photographs, archival illustrations and maps. (RKY25, $19.95)
Yellowstone National Park  •  Lee H. Whittlesey   • HISTORY  •  In this brief history of Yellowstone National Park, historian Lee Whittlesey discusses its geologic wonders, the Native American tribes that once inhabited the land, its rise as a major tourist destination and much more. A concise primer in the Images of America series. (USW829, $21.99)
Journal of a Trapper  •  Osborne Russell  •  Aubrey L. Haines   • EXPLORATION  •  A simply-told account of the life of a fur trapper in the 1830s and 1840s, mainly in and around Yellowstone. It's both an eyewitness report from the heyday of fur trading and an engaging account of the region. (USW439, $18.95)
Yellowstone Migrations, Preserving Freedom to Roam  •  Joe Riis   • ART & ARCHITECTURE • COMING IN JULY  •  Giving readers a full view of the wildest corridor of the American West, this coffee table book pays tribute to Yellowstone's magnificent natural heritage. Riis' photographs of large animal migrations spans all corners of the park and features an impassioned plea to preserve the habitat. (USW839, $29.95)
Wapiti Wilderness  •  Margaret Murie  •  Olaus Murie   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  Margaret and her biologist husband (who did the illustrations for the book) write of a winter, and especially the elk, at a ranch in Jackson Hole. They alternate chapters, mixing tales of work as a field biologist with stories of life in the region, where they lived for 37 years. (USW68, $24.95)
In Velvet  •  Burt Weissbourd   • MYSTERY  •  Set in some of America's most rugged country, this thriller centers on a bear biologist and two well-intentioned officers as they unravel what's behind a series of disturbing birth defects in Yellowstone's wildlife. (USW803, $24.95)
Bear Attacks, Their Causes and Avoidance  •  Stephen Herrero   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  Despite its frightening title, this book is a helpful introduction to the natural history and behavior of the bear by a long-term researcher in the field. With useful tips on "avoidance." (BST21, $16.95)
Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park  •  Lee H. Whittlesey   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A how-to-guide to safety in the park -- and a wry chronicle of what can go terribly wrong (including death by drowning, hypothermia, animal attacks, and such). A reminder to visitors that Yellowstone is the wilderness, not an amusement park. (USW276, $18.95)
Mountain Time, A Yellowstone Portrait  •  Paul Schullery   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A former ranger, Schullery writes with depth and grace on the natural history of Yellowstone National Park, its wildlife, rangers and visitors in this classic collection of essays, originally published in 1984. (USW392, $19.95)
Of Wolves and Men  •  Barry Lopez   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  This eloquent, powerful book is an outstanding overview of the wolf, as well as a survey of wolf mythology and its relationship to human society. First published in the 1980s, it has been reprinted with a new afterword by the author. (BST31, $20.00)
Silence & Solitude, Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness  •  Tom Murphy   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  Murphy's stunning photographs and descriptions depict the weather, wildlife and wonder of winter. (USW667, $29.95)
Spectacular Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks  •  Charles R. Preston   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  Three hundred color photographs, including panoramic six-page foldout spreads, archival pictures and essays on history and ecology, capture the splendor of these national parks. (USW547, $50.00)
The Company of Wolves  •  Peter Steinhart   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A celebration of the wolf, this book presents the ecology of the North American wolf, a call for its reintroduction in the West and a history of the complex relations with humans. (BST37, $17.00)
The National Parks, America's Best Idea  •  Ken Burns  •  Dayton Duncan   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  This lavishly illustrated tale by the dynamic PBS duo brings to life the conservationists, politicians, presidents and dreamers who created our national park system. (USA356, $35.00)
The Wolf, Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species  •  David Mech   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A classic overview of the ecology of the wolf by David Mech, a well-known biologist who has done much of his field work on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian North. (BST35, $19.95)
Windows into the Earth, The Geologic Story of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks  •  Robert B. Smith  •  Lee J. Siegel   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A geologic history and tour of the northern Rockies, particularly Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. With an outstanding overview of the geologic formation of the region and 50 color photographs. (USW356, $29.95)
Wolves, A Legend Returns to Yellowstone  •  National Geographic   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  Four years in the making, this amazing National Geographic documentary by Bob Landis invites you to run with the pack for a wolf's-eye view of Yellowstone. (BST136, $24.95)
Wonderlandscape, A Cultural History of Yellowstone National Park  •  John Clayton   • NATURAL HISTORY • COMING IN AUGUST  •  Well-known Montana writer John Clayton reflects on 100 years of Yellowstone history through the perspectives of 10 iconic figures. He shows how Yellowstone has evolved in the American imagination and became world-famous. (USW841, $27.95)
Yellowstone, A Journey Through America's Wild Heart  •  David Quammen   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  With David Quammen's trademark blend of history, science and field research, this ode to Yellowstone is filled with informative text and plenty of vivid photographs. Quammen brings readers deep into the heart of the park: its misty mountain peaks, gray wolves, sweeping valleys and geologic wonders. (USW820, $28.00)
Mac's Field Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Birds and Mammals  •  Craig MacGowan   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This laminated card is waterproof and small enough to slip into your backpack. (USW195, $5.95)
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America  •  Jon Dunn   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This guide is the veteran's choice for birding anywhere in the United States. Practical to use in the field, it has maps, illustrations and descriptions of the birds on facing pages. (FG09, $27.95)
The National Parks, America's Best Idea  •  Dayton Duncan  •  Ken Burns   • FILM  •  The widescreen edition of Ken Burn's 6-part, 12-hour ode to the national parks, featuring hundreds of interviews, fascinating archival images and dazzling cinematography in High Definition. (USA394, $99.99)
Wild Yellowstone  •  National Geographic   • FILM  •  Utilizing the latest tools and techniques in cinematography, National Geographic portrays the world-famous wildlife and natural splendor of Yellowstone. Runtime: 90 minutes. (USW817, $24.95)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447