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Highly Recommended

The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott  •  David Wilson
Drawing on a long forgotten cache of gelatin prints, Wilson turns Scott's beautifully produced images, many a full or double page, into a chilling tale of fortitude and courage, tracing events first around Cape Evans and then, day by day until the top of the Beardmore Glacier, when the bulky camera was returned to base with Scott's first supporting party. This gorgeous book, supplemented by maps and incisive commentary, is a significant contribution to Antarctic history. Wilson's great uncle was expedition artist Edward Wilson, who died with Scott on his way back from the Pole. (ANT343, $35.00)
  The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
An Empire of Ice  •  Edward Larson
Ed Larson restores the status of Scott and Shackleton and the grand expeditions of the heroic age as genuine scientific enterprises, drawing on both archival material and his own travels to the historic huts, South Pole and other iconic places of Antarctic exploration. (ANT337, $16.00)
  An Empire of Ice
In Search of the South Pole  •  Herbert Kari  •  Huw Lewis-Jones
On the centenary of the epic expeditions of Scott and Amundsen, this book traces our search for the South Pole, from the earliest encounters with icy Antarctic waters, through the Heroic Age to modern times. In addition to the words of Scott and Amundsen, vivid descriptions from the logbooks, journals and narratives of pioneers such as Carsten Borchgrevink, Ernest Shackleton and Douglas Mawson provide first-hand experiences of this enigmatic and unforgiving region. Modern explorers and travellers, writers and scientists also explain what the South Pole means to them. Among those featured are Edmund Hillary, Vivian Fuchs, Ranulph Fiennes and Borge Ousland. Stunning images by Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley, and from the personal collections of explorers and adventure photographers, as well as contemporary ephemera and artifacts illustrate the hardships of life on the ice. The authors, Kari Herbert, daughter of polar explorer Sir Wally Herbert, and Huw Lewis-Jones, former Curator at the Scott Polar Research Institute, have woven together the narrative of this enduring human quest with the individual stories to place the Scott-Amundsen race in historical context. (ANT347, $29.95)
  In Search of the South Pole
Race for the South Pole  •  Roland Huntford
Side by side, day by day, Huntford lets Scott and Amundsen speak for themselves, placing the original diary entries of each man on facing pages. He includes superb original maps and photographs, and the never-before-translated diary of Amundsen's charismatic lead skier, Olav Bjaalund, which he translated, and an excellent introduction setting the scene. Scott's troubles stand in contrast to the easy competence of the Norwegians, who treated the whole thing, as Huntford explains, as a grand sporting contest. (ANT326, $16.95)
  Race for the South Pole
The Last Viking, The Life of Roald Amundsen  •  Stephen R. Bown
Bown plumbs the New York Times, Amundsen's own writing and other contemporaneous accounts to tell the tale of the unusual, adventurous and entertaining Amundsen, his celebrity and, his amazing feats, not just his hop-skip-and-a-jump to the South Pole but also his conquest of the Northeast and Northwest Passages, pioneering flights across the polar basin and other grails of early 20th century exploration. (ANT369, $17.99)
  The Last Viking, The Life of Roald Amundsen

Also Recommended

From Pole to Pole, Roald Amundsen's Journey in Flight  •  Garth James Cameron   • HISTORY  •  In this engrossing study, GJ Cameron chronicles Roald Amundsen's intense interest in man-lifting kites, airships and planes, his early experiments in flight and his mysterious death while on a 1928 Arctic rescue flight. (ARC329, $22.95)
1912, The Year the World Discovered Antarctica  •  Chris Turney   • EXPLORATION  •  Turney looks at the great leap forward in Antarctic science that was made 100 years ago with the expeditions of not just Scott and Amundsen but also those of Mawson, Filchner and Shirase. A brisk and engaging history of science and exploration in the Antarctic. An Australian scientist himself, Turney sees Mawson as the scientific hero of the age. (ANT368, $16.95)
Below the Convergence, Voyages Toward Antarctica 1699-1839  •  Alan Gurney   • EXPLORATION  •  A polished storyteller (and popular lecturer on Antarctic voyages), Gurney weaves remarkable tales of early exploration in this riveting account. (ANT43, $21.95)
In Shackleton's Footsteps, A Return to the Heart of the Antarctic  •  Henry Worsley   • EXPLORATION  •  Henry Worsley and other descendents set out from Shackleton's hut at Cape Royd to celebrate the centenary of the 1908 Nimrod expedition, retracing the exact 870-mile route -- and going on to finish the last 97 miles that eluded Shackelton. Team leader Worsley's book explores the history of the original expedition and reasons behind its failure, while capturing the meticulous planning, fundraising and training for the new expedition. (ANT330, $24.95)
Race to the End: Amundsen, Scott and the Attainment of the South Pole  •  Ross MacPhee   • EXPLORATION • COMING IN  •  MacPhee includes panoramic maps, never-before-seen photographs of artifacts from Scott's last camp, iconic photographs by Ponting and Hurley, and contemporary accounts of the two celebrated expeditions in this month-by-month and day-by-day look at the two iconic expeditions. (ANT322, $27.95)
South Pole, The British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13  •  Christine Dell'Amore   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  With excerpts and quotes from Scott and others, this glorious book of 100 iconic images by expedition photographer Herbert Ponting features 12 dramatic fold-out pages. (ANT356, $50.00)
The Heart of the Great Alone: Scott, Shackleton and Antarctic Photography  •  David Hempleman-Adams  •  Emma Stuart  •  Sophie Gordon   • EXPLORATION • NEW  •  Here in one handsome book are hundreds of haunting photographs by Herbert George Ponting and Frank Hurley, drawn from the albums they created during the two most famous Antarctic explorations. The stunning images are accompanied by lively essays, maps, paintings and other ephemera from the Royal Collection. (ANT298, $47.50)
The Last Place on Earth, Scott and Amundsen's Race to the South Pole  •  Roland Huntford   • EXPLORATION  •  British actor Tim Pigott-Smith reads Huntford's dramatic tale of hardship, technical challenge, political ambition and fortitude, interweaving the expeditions of Scott and Amundsen. Presented on 6 CDs, this abridged version runs 7.5 hours. (ANT303, $34.95)
The Roof at the Bottom of the World  •  Edmund Stump   • EXPLORATION  •  With detailed maps and 100 stunning color photographs, Antarctic veteran Ed Stump shows the Transantarctic range in all its icy glory and, for aficionados, Stump has plotted the routes of the historic expeditions across mountains and glaciers with unprecedented accuracy. (ANT341, $35.00)
Cherry, A Life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard  •  Sara Wheeler   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  Wheeler (Terra Incognita) captures the thrill of Victorian polar exploration -- and the anguish of a man haunted by the death of his colleagues on the march back from the pole. (ANT168, $14.95)
Scott of the Antarctic, A Life of Courage and Tragedy  •  David Crane   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  In this balanced and dramatic biography, Crane looks at Robert Falcon Scott afresh in the context of Edwardian exploration and empire, showing him to a be flawed hero but a hero nonetheless. (ANT233, $16.95)
South With the Sun: Roald Amundsen, His Polar Explorations, and the Quest for Discovery  •  Lynne Cox   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  Inspired by the Norwegian explorer as a child, Cox (Swimming to Antarctica) focuses not on the race to the South Pole but the sweep of Amundsen's polar adventures, Arctic and Antarctic, weaving her own travels with an appreciative biography of the man. (ANT345, $15.95)
The Longest Winter, Scott's Other Heroes  •  Meredith Hooper   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  The riveting tale of Scott's Northern Party, drawn from contemporary account, expedition diaries, journals and letters. (ANT312, $16.95)
Southern Light, Images from Antarctica  •  David Neilson   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  Neilson has turned his six journeys to the ice (sometimes lugging a 30-pound large format camera), into a coffee-table tribute to the continent and its wildlife. Includes 130 color and 100 rich black-and-white oversized photographs. (ANT383, $85.00)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447