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The Wildlife of Southern Africa  •  Vincent Carruthers  •  Kenneth Newman
FIELD GUIDE •  2008 •  PAPER  • 320 PAGES
Featuring 2,000 carefully selected plants and animals, large and small, that are likely to be encountered during a visit to the region, this revised edition of the best-selling and well-known illustrated field guide to the animals and plants of southern Africa is fully updated with the latest taxonomy and common names. More than 1,200 species are vividly illustrated and many more are identifiable from the text through reference to similar species. Each chapter is written by a leading expert in the field. (SAF59, $28.00)
  The Wildlife of Southern Africa
The Safari Companion  •  Richard Estes
FIELD GUIDE •  1999 •  PAPER  • 459 PAGES
An invaluable encyclopedic guide to Africa's mammals by a noted scientist, this perennial bestseller includes black-and-white drawings, an overview of each animal group and in-depth information. Written with the typical safari-goer in mind. (AFR06, $30.00)
  The Safari Companion
Cry of the Kalahari, Seven Years in Africa's Last Great Wilderness  •  Mark Owens  •  Delia Owens
A thoroughly readable version of Born Free, set in Botswana (and just as weepy about the animals). This is the book that got the Owens family thrown out of Botswana, in part because of their opposition to fencing the land. While their approach to conservation is controversial, there's no doubt that the Owens are dedicated to the wildlife of Southern Africa -- and are very good writers. (SAF13, $16.95)
  Cry of the Kalahari, Seven Years in Africa's Last Great Wilderness
Botswana, the Bradt Safari Guide  •  Marcelle Bienvenu  •  Chris McIntyre
GUIDEBOOK •  2014 •  PAPER  • 560 PAGES
Covering the history, culture and wildlife of Botswana in absorbing detail, this informative, personal guide focuses on the Okavango, Chobe, the Kalahari and other popular destinations. (BOT18, $27.99)
  Botswana, the Bradt Safari Guide
Botswana Map  •  Reise Know How
2014 •  MAP
A detailed map of Botswana at a scale of 1:1,000,000. 27x39 inches. (SAF07, $14.95)
  Botswana Map

Also Recommended

Botswana Adventure Map  •  National Geographic Society    •  Waterproof and tear-resistant, this double-sided travel shows parks, preserves, roads and towns at a scale of 1:1,100,000. (BOT08, $11.95)
Safari Planning Map, East & Southern Africa  •  The Africa Adventure Company    •  This large-scale, colorful map covers the top safari countries and important wildlife reserves of East and Southern Africa. With enlargements of key regions like Northern Tanzania, Southern Kenya and Northern Botswana to Victoria Falls, the map includes information on planning your safari and climate graphs. (SAF340, $11.95)
Culture Smart! Botswana  •  Michael Main   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A concise, well-illustrated and practical guide to local customs, etiquette and culture. (SAF178, $9.95)
Affluence Without Abundance, The Disappearing World of the Bushmen  •  James Suzman   • HISTORY • COMING IN JULY  •  Suzman takes readers into the world of the San people of southern Africa, the longest-enduring civilization in human history that is well known for living privately, having few needs and living in harmony with the environment. (SAF400, $28.00)
Africa, a Biography of the Continent  •  John Reader   • HISTORY  •  With the ease of a practiced journalist, Reader weaves a masterful and lively tale of the continent, from ancient cultures to modern times. Both authoritative and informal, this is a splendid introduction to all of Africa. (AFR49, $20.00)
The Scramble for Africa  •  Thomas Pakenham   • HISTORY  •  Absorbing and meticulously researched, this in-depth history of the Victorian land grab in 19th-century Africa includes excellent portraits of the egomaniacal personalities who overran the continent. (AFR26, $23.99)
Twenty Chickens for a Saddle  •  Robyn Scott   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  Haphazardly schooled by her free-spirited mother and left to roam the bush, Scott writes with warmth and candor of her unconventional upbringing in Botswana, commenting on her Grandpa Ivor (personal pilot to the first president of Botswana), physician father's work, unfortunate pets, siblings and adventures. (SAF203, $16.00)
Whatever You Do, Don't Run  •  Peter Allison   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  Allison spins captivating tales of wildlife, camps and the life of a safari guide into a hilarious, slyly informative introduction to Botswana. (BOT29, $18.95)
Mating  •  Norman Rush   • LITERATURE  •  This comic novel evokes daily life in Botswana and skewers the notion of well-intentioned academics at large in the developing world. The description of a trek from Gaborone to the Kalahari is terrific. (BOT03, $16.95)
The Double Comfort Safari Club  •  Alexander McCall Smith   • LITERATURE  •  Infinitely patient Precious Ramotswe and her prickly secretary (make that assistant detective!) Grace Makutsi, head to the Okavango Delta where there have been several unexplained and troubling events including the demise of one of the guests. (BOT38, $15.00)
Big Five of Africa  •  Gerald Hinde   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  Award-winning wildlife photographer Gerald Hinde's stunning photographs celebrate Africa's lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalos. Brief but informative text introduces each animal but the photographs (rightly) are the main focus. Size: 8 x 8 inches. (AFR241, $20.00)
500 Common Bird Calls in Southern Africa  •  Doug Newman   • FIELD GUIDE  •  Accounting for each species of southern African songbird, their songs, similar-sounding species, favored habitats and ranges, this reference is ideal for the voyaging birder. Includes a CD of bird calls. (AFR317, $23.00)
African Wildlife  •  James Kavanaugh   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A laminated foldout guide illustrating almost 150 species of African animals, designed for quick reference in the field. (AFR109, $6.95)
Birds of Botswana  •  Peter Hancock   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This companion to Botswana's diverse birdlife presents every species recorded to date, with more than 1,200 color illustrations, detailed species accounts, seasonality and breeding bars and distribution maps. (SAF370, $29.95)
Field Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa  •  Ian Sinclair  •  Phil Hockey  •  Warwick Tarboton   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This compact, comprehensive field guide features 200 dazzling color plates covering 950 species of birds from South Africa to southern Mozambique. Fourth Edition. (SAF12, $35.00)
Kingdon Pocket Guide to African Mammals  •  Jonathan Kingdon   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A conveniently compact edition of Kingdon's celebrated guide, that includes information on distribution, ecology and conservation status, with 480 outstanding color illustrations and maps. (EAF128, $29.95)
Newman's Birds of Southern Africa  •  Kenneth Newman   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This commemorative 10th edition celebrates the late author with a fully revised and updated version. Edits were done by his daughter, Vanessa Newman, to reflect the latest research, taxonomy and common names. (SAF29, $26.00)
Southern African Wildlife, A Visitor's Guide  •  Mike Unwin   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A popular photographic guide to the mammals, birds, reptiles and habitats south of the Zambezi. With 300 color photographs and illuminating text. (SAF131, $26.99)
The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals  •  Jonathan Kingdon   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This stunningly illustrated, comprehensive field guide by a leading authority includes over 500 of Kingdon's exquisite color paintings. Fully revised and updated with more than 1,100 species. (AFR32, $49.50)
Wild Flowers of Southeast Botswana  •  Eugene Moll   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A complete guide to the wildflowers of the region, including 332 of the most commonly encountered species. The flowers are arranged by predominant color and their pictures are accompanied by descriptions, Setswana common names and the plants' traditional uses. (BOT47, $29.95)
Wildlife of Southern Africa  •  Martin B. Withers   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This Princeton Pocket Guide, featuring 400 color photographs by Withers and co-author David Hosking, covers all the birds, mammals, lizards and insects you are likely to encounter. (SAF300, $19.95)
Wildlife of the Okavango, Common Animals and Plants  •  Duncan Butchart   • FIELD GUIDE • COMING IN FEBRUARY  •  An easy-to-use, all-in-one field reference to the Okavango and surrounding sanctuaries: Moremi, Chobe, Mudumo and Caprivi Strip. It fully describes over 300 common species and combines useful information on geology, climate and habitat with plenty of color photographs. (SAF398, $11.95)
Relentless Enemies  •  Beverly Joubert   • FILM  •  Beautifully filmed at Duba Plains in HD, this National Geographic documentary captures the drama, power and beauty of the lions and water buffaloes of the Okavango. 90 minutes. (BOT32, $19.98)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447