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The Incas  •  Carmen Bernard
A pocket-size encyclopedia, this jewel of a book features hundreds of archival drawings and photographs, a chronology and long excerpts from the journals of early explorers. It's a guide to the ancient monuments and daily lives of the Incas as well as the history of their exploration. (AND03, $14.95)
  The Incas
Art of the Andes, from Chavin to Inca  •  Rebecca Stone-Miller
This authoritative and concise illustrated survey of Andean art and architecture covers not only Machu Picchu and additional Inca monuments, but also Chan Chan, Nasca and other archaeological sites and cultures. With 183 illustrations, maps and site diagrams. Revised edition. (PRU05, $24.95)
  Art of the Andes, from Chavin to Inca
The Peru Reader, History, Culture, Politics  •  Orin Starn
HISTORY •  2005 •  PAPER  • 524 PAGES
A lively, literate anthology on the history and culture of Peru that ranges from historical accounts to modern analysis. It's a comprehensive introduction to the country. The excellent selections were made by a panel of Peruvian and foreign experts. (PRU04, $29.95)
  The Peru Reader, History, Culture, Politics
Insight Guide Peru  •  Insight Guides
GUIDEBOOK •  2015 •  PAPER  • 368 PAGES
In its hallmark style, this guide brings Peru to life in hundreds of color photographs and vividly written essays by a team of experts. Panoramic in scope, the book takes us from the crowded streets of Lima to famed archeological sites, providing genuine insight into a complex land and people. Its chapters include a history of the Incas, daily life in the Andes, the author and politician Mario Vargas Llosa and an overview of people of the Amazon. With some travel information. Sixth edition. (PRU01, $23.99)
  Insight Guide Peru
Peru Map  •  Borch Maps
A detailed laminated relief map of Peru at a scale of 1:1,750,000. This is a very clear, colorful map, which also features detailed insets of Lima and Cuzco, and even a site plan of Machu Picchu. Peru itself is broken into three sections: North, Central, South. Two Sides. 20x39 inches. (PRU02, $11.95)
  Peru Map

Also Recommended

Archaeological Map of Machu Picchu  •  Wright Water Engineers    •  Ken Wright's foldout color site plan shows the monuments, topography and physical features of the Inca sanctuary with exquisite clarity. (PRU23, $6.95)
Peru Adventure Map  •  National Geographic Society    •  A well-produced, colorful shaded relief map of Peru at a scale of 1:1,500,000. (PRU09, $11.95)
Bradt Guide Trekking in Peru  •  Hilary Bradt   • GUIDEBOOK  •  This classic guide for exploring the Andes of Peru is great for both practical trail information and general information on the region. It's a compact overview, featuring walks, treks and an extensive introduction. (PRU143, $23.99)
Culture Smart! Peru  •  John Forrest   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A concise, well-illustrated and practical guide to local customs, etiquette and culture. (PRU64, $9.95)
Frommer's Easyguide to Lima, Cuzco and Machu Picchu  •  Nicholas Gill   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A comprehensive, practical guide to the region with excellent recommendations for hotels, restaurants and excursions. With two-color maps throughout. (PRU144, $14.95)
Lonely Planet Quechua Phrasebook  •  Serafin M. Coronel-Molina   • LANGUAGE & PHRASEBOOKS  •  This shirt-pocket guide is a surprisingly thorough introduction to not just the language but also the customs and culture of the Andes. (PRU36, $9.99)
The Inca Trail, Cuzco & Machu Picchu  •  Alexander Stewart   • GUIDEBOOK  •  An excellent overview of local culture and history, including chapters on exploring Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Lima. Fifth edition. (PRU19, $22.95)
Trekking Peru, A Traveler's Guide  •  Robert Kunstaetter  •  Daisy Kunstaetter   • GUIDEBOOK • COMING IN MAY  •  The Kunstaetter husband-wife pair (who live just across the border in Ecuador) feature their favorite Peruvian hikes in this informative guide. The paths they recommend combine sections of the famous Inka Road with welcoming, contemporary Peruvian villages. (PRU152, $29.95)
Peru, The Cookbook  •  Gaston Acurio   • FOOD  •  A panoramic view of traditional Peruvian cooking, featuring 500 recipes, full-color illustrations and expert information on the roots of Peruvian cuisine. Author Gaston Acurio is a Peruvian celebrity chef and restaurateur. (PRU136, $49.95)
The Food & Cooking of Peru: Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes, Techniques, 65 Classic Recipes  •  Flor Arcaya De Deliot   • FOOD  •  Explore the fascinating origins of Peruvian food, from its roots in the Inca culture, through the rich inheritance of the Spanish conquistadors, and the later influences of African, Italian, French and Chinese immigrants, with over 65 authentic recipes. (PRU120, $29.99)
A Sacred Landscape, The Search for Ancient Peru  •  Hugh Thomson   • HISTORY  •  Head-over-heels in love with the adventure, intrigue and bonhomie of archaeology, Hugh Thomson (The White Rock) explores Moches, Chavin, Nasca and other ancient civilizations of Peru. His tale is bracketed by an account of his discoveries with Gary Ziegler at Llactapata, a newly excavated observatory barely two miles from Machu Picchu. (PRU76, $16.95)
Ancient People of the Andes  •  Michael A. Malpass   • HISTORY  •  Providing in-depth coverage of prehistoric Andean societies, this well-illustrated gift book is filled with the latest findings of archaeology and ethno-history while tackling big questions about civilization itself. (AND88, $149.95)
Conquest of the Incas  •  John Hemming   • HISTORY • FAVORITE  •  This classic prize-winning history of the Inca struggle against the Spanish invasion weaves wide-ranging, scholarly material into a gripping narrative. (AND04, $25.99)
Deep Rivers  •  Jose Maria Arguedas   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  Like his narrator, 14-year-old Ernesto, Arguedas (1911-1969) was a mestizo of Spanish and Quechua descent, attuned to the hardships of bridging these two worlds. Translator Horning Barraclough captures the rhythms of the challenging Spanish-Quechua original, and of Spanish as it is spoken in the rural highlands. (AND21, $17.50)
Lima, A Cultural History  •  James Higgins   • HISTORY  •  An erudite guide to the cultural gems and literary history of Peru's capital city. James Higgins, who specializes in Peruvian literature, covers the scope of the city's history from its pre-Columbian museums, to its conquistador heritage, to its dynamic present. (PRU60, $31.95)
The Andes  •  Jason Wilson   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  Starting out in Cuzco, heart of the Inca Empire, Wilson spreads north and south along the Andes, including excerpts from South American literary giants, travelers and his own impressions. (AND74, $17.95)
The Great Inka Road  •  Ramiro Matos   • HISTORY  •  An astute collection of essays on the "Qhapaq Nan" (the Great Inca Road), covering its engineering, practical uses and the great civilization that built it. Includes more than 225 full-color illustrations. (SAM205, $40.00)
The Last Days of the Incas  •  Kim MacQuarrie   • HISTORY  •  MacQuarrie tackles the personality, aspirations and greed of Francisco Pizarro in this vivid account of the conquest of a continent. (PRU77, $18.00)
The Lima Reader, History, Culture, Politics  •  Carlos Aguirre   • HISTORY • COMING IN APRIL  •  Drawing together a fine selection of primary sources, this scholarly primer combs through the complexities of Lima, Peru with expert commentary. A tangled metropolis perched at the gray ocean edge of a desert, Lima dates back over 500 years. The authors discuss its rich cultural heritage as well as its present-day social tensions and demographic shifts. (PRU151, $26.95)
Eight Feet in the Andes  •  Dervla Murphy   • EXPLORATION  •  The indomitable Murphy treks 1,300 miles through the Andes (with a mule) on the trail of the conquistadors in this spirited account. (AND07, $15.95)
Lost City of the Incas  •  Hiram Bingham   • EXPLORATION • BEST SELLER • FAVORITE  •  This first-rate adventure story by the man who brought Machu Picchu to the attention of the world is not just a gripping tale of exploration and archaeology, it also sets the scene for any visitor to the site. (AND05, $17.99)
Monuments of the Incas  •  John Hemming   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  John Hemming (Conquest of the Incas) brings the story of the Inca up to date in this revised edition of his classic photographic overview, featuring Edward Ranney's exquisitely detailed, large format black-and-white photographs of Inca sites from Ingapirca to Incallacta. (AND73, $45.00)
Stone Offerings  •  Mike Torrey   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  Torrey captures the dramatic setting, solitude and intricate construction of the Inca site of Machu Picchu in 100 striking color photographs taken over a few days at summer and winter solstice. (AND76, $40.00)
Textiles from the Andes  •  Penelope Dransart   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  Taking as its focus 30 examples from the British Museum, this generously illustrated survey covers the scope of Peruvian and other Andean textiles from ancient Paracas through the Inca and Colonial periods. (AND86, $20.00)
The Incas  •  Adriana von Hagen  •  Craig Morris   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  Morris and von Hagen trace the rise and rule of the Inca with authority in this region-by-region survey, reconstructing the finely built palaces and temples of Cusco and life at lavish royal estates like Chinchero and Machu Picchu. With 150 mostly black-and-white photographs and illustrations, including extensive site plans. (AND83, $26.95)
The Incas and their Ancestors, The Archaeology of Peru  •  Michael Moseley   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  An outstanding illustrated survey of the archaeology of the Inca, Moche and Nasca civilizations. With hundreds of color illustrations and line drawings, it's an in-depth look at the ancient cultures and history of Peru. A great general introduction. (AND06, $34.95)
The Nasca  •  Helaine Silverman   • ARCHAEOLOGY  •  This concise, authoritative book in the series Peoples of America offers much to the interested traveler. (PRU111, $52.95)
Andes  •  Michael Jacobs   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  Jacobs journeys 4,300 miles from Venezuela to Tierra del Fuego in the footsteps of Simon Bolivar, Charles Darwin and other explorers, describing in vivid detail the landscape and diverse cultures of South America. (AND81, $24.95)
Cloud Forest, A Chronicle of the South American Wilderness  •  Peter Matthiessen   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE • FAVORITE  •  Matthiessen recounts with wit, insight and style his odyssey to the Amazon and Andes, including Machu Picchu and Tierra del Fuego. (SAM02, $16.00)
Life and Death in the Andes, On the Trail of Bandits, Heroes and Revolutionaries  •  Kim MacQuarrie   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  In this heartfelt meditation on South America and the Andes, MacQuarrie follows the Andes, hot on the trails of legendary characters like Charles Darwin, Pablo Escobar and Che Guevara. (AND87, $17.00)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey  •  Thornton Wilder   • LITERATURE  •  The classic tale of Franciscan missionaries in 18th-century Lima, Peru by the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist. First published in 1927. (AND08, $14.99)
The Heights of Machu Picchu  •  Pablo Neruda  •  Nathaniel Tarn   • LITERATURE • FAVORITE  •  Machu Picchu and the Inca civilization inspired this celebrated epic poem, an expansive and introspective hymn to the Americas by the great Pablo Neruda, winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature. Bilingual edition (AND22, $15.00)
The Sky over Lima  •  Juan Gomez Barcena   • LITERATURE  •  Set in Lima, this novel recasts the fantastically true story of two young men who, enamored with the poetry of Juan Ramon Jimenez, correspond with the great poet through a fictional admirer they devise. Their charade becomes too real, however, when the great poet falls in love with her. Winner of the 2014 Ojo Critico Literary Prize. (PRU147, $25.00)
Through the Eyes of the Condor, An Aerial Vision of Latin America  •  Robert B. Haas   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  This collection of stunning, oversized photographs, taken from above, shows the jungles and favellas, the reefs and ruins, wildlife and diverse landscapes of Latin America. (SAM122, $50.00)
A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Peru  •  Clive Byers   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This handy shirt pocket guide samples 252 species of common and spectacular birds of Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Manu and other popular destinations. Each gets a large color photograph and description but, alas, no range map. (PRU75, $15.95)
Birds of Peru  •  Tom Schulenberg  •  Douglas Stotz  •  John O'Neill  •  Dan Lane   • FIELD GUIDE  •  Gorgeously illustrated, this authoritative guide covers nearly 20 percent of the world's birds. (PRU55, $49.95)
Birds of Peru  •  Robert Dean   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A fold-out field guide to the birds of Peru. At 7in x 11in, it's easy to fit on your pocket. Double-sided and laminated to withstand the elements. (PRU135, $7.95)
Peru, Travellers' Wildlife Guides  •  David L. Pearson  •  Les Beletsky   • FIELD GUIDE  •  Featuring 500 illustrations of the birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and insects of the Amazon, Andes and Pacific Coast. (PRU30, $29.95)
Pocket Photo Guide to the Birds of Peru  •  Clive Byers   • FIELD GUIDE  •  With clear color photographs and brief, authoritative descriptions Bloomsbury's field guide to Peru depicts 252 of the country's most common birds with clear color photographs and brief descriptions. The book easily slips in a pocket or daypack. (PRU150, $16.00)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447