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Bradt Pantanal Wildlife  •  James Lowen
GUIDEBOOK •  2010 •  PAPER  • 169 PAGES
Hundreds of gorgeous color photographs enliven this compact guide to the habitats, birds, mammals and wildlife of the aquatic heart of South America. With tips and notes on where to go in Mato Grosso, Bolivia and Paraguay. (BZL91, $25.99)
  Bradt Pantanal Wildlife
Mammals of the Pantanal  •  Fiona Reid
This handy 6-panel, foldup card features 34 marvelously detailed color illustration, from the girant otter to tapir, crab-eating fox and marsh deer to the Greater Fishing Bat and Capybara. Waterproof. (BZL68, $5.00)
  Mammals of the Pantanal
Lonely Planet Brazil  •  Nick Selby  •  Andrew Draffen
GUIDEBOOK •  2016 •  PAPER  • 768 PAGES
An excellent, exhaustively researched guide to Brazil with an excellent section on the Pantanal, and in-depth notes on ecology and national parks in addition to the usual practical travel information. (BZL15, $29.99)
  Lonely Planet Brazil
Brazil South Map  •  Nelles
2013 •  MAP
An attractive map of south Brazil that includes all of Brazil south of Brasilia, all of the Pantanal, most of Uruguay and Paraguay and some of Bolivia and Argentina. Scaled at 1:2,500,000. (BZL136, $13.95)
  Brazil South Map

Also Recommended

Brazil Map  •  Borch Maps    •  A handy folded, laminated map of Brazil at a scale of 1:4,000,000. Includes insets of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. (BZL17, $12.95)
Brazil in Focus, A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture  •  Jan Rocha   • GUIDEBOOK  •  This slim guide focuses on the history of Brazil, its cultural heritage and current political, environmental and economic challenges. With maps, photographs and some travel information. (BZL03, $12.95)
Culture Smart! Brazil  •  Sandra Branco   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A concise, well-illustrated and practical guide to local customs, etiquette and culture. (BZL54, $9.95)
Insight Guide Brazil  •  Insight Guides   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A profusely illustrated overview of the country, this guide features concise essays by well-regarded authors on natural history, politics and culture. With hundreds of photos and maps. (BZL01, $23.99)
The Traveling Nature Photographer  •  Steven Morello   • GUIDEBOOK  •  Morello's handy guide to exploring the natural world through photography includes chapters on preparation, equipment (especially lenses), weather, exposure basics and composition. (PHT31, $29.99)
A Short History of Brazil, From Pre-colonial Peoples to Modern Economic Miracle  •  Gordon Kerr   • HISTORY  •  A wonderfully succinct history of Brazil which sprints from its indigenous peoples, discovery in 1500 and days as an independent monarchy to the present day. Kerr finishes with the difficulties Brazil faces in the 21st century: economic inequality, ruthless exploitation of the country's natural resources and political corruption. (BZL132, $16.95)
Brazil  •  Simona Stoppa   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  This gorgeous collection of colorful photographs and accompanying text captures the spirit of modern Brazil, from the immense Amazon rainforest to the spectacular beaches of the Atlantic Coast to the colonial architecture of its sophisticated cities. (BZL117, $34.95)
Brazil  •  Regis St. Louis   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  This well-designed coffee table book serves as an excellent, colorful primer to the country and its history, covering the varied landscapes, diverse cultures and regional customs, including Carnival and soccer. (BZL125, $49.95)
The Brazilians  •  Joseph Page   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  A clear, comprehensive and compelling introduction to Brazil, covering politics, history, economics, ecology, conservation and culture. (AMZ16, $22.95)
The Accidental President of Brazil, A Memoir  •  Bill Clinton  •  Fernando Henrique Cardoso   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR  •  A vibrant memoir by Brazil's former president, in office from 1995 to 2002, who offers a candid, wry, illuminating view of the irrepressibly attractive country. (BZL58, $16.00)
The Lost City of Z  •  David Grann   • BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR • NEW  •  In this riveting, real-life adventure, New Yorker writer and middle-aged Brooklynite Grann sets out into the wild to solve "the greatest exploration mystery of the twentieth century" -- the fate of British explorer Percy Harrison Fawcett, who disappeared in the Amazon in 1925. (AMZ117, $16.95)
Brazil, A Traveler's Literary Companion  •  Alexis Levitin   • ANTHOLOGY  •  The latest in the excellent series. The diverse stories in this enticing anthology edited by Levitin introduce Brazil and a host of contemporary writers, including greats like Jorge Amado and Machado de Assis, as well as newcomers. (BZL83, $14.95)
A Neotropical Companion  •  John Kricher  •  Mark Plotkin   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  From plants and animals to birds and bugs, it's all here in this wonderfully written overview of the ecology, habitats, plants and animals of Central and South America. (GPS11, $39.95)
Mammals of the Neotropics, The Central Neotropics: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Vol. 3  •  John F. Eisenberg  •  Kent H. Redford   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A comprehensive survey of the 650 species of mammals of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. (SAM30, $72.00)
Photo Pantanal  •  Tom Ulrich   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  A well-illustrated overview of the nature, habitats and history of the Pantanal by a wildlife photographer, trip leader and enthusiast. With 240 color photographs. (BZL41, $25.00)
The Pantanal: Understanding and Preserving the World's Largest Wetland  •  Frederick A. Swarts   • NATURAL HISTORY  •  The proceedings of an international conference on conservation in the Pantanal. The 29 scholarly papers include presentations on the region's geology, economic development and outlook for the future. With tables, maps, charts and mostly black-and-white photographs. (BZL23, $19.95)
Tropical Nature  •  Adrian Forsyth  •  Ken Miyata   • NATURAL HISTORY • FAVORITE  •  Two uncommonly observant and thoughtful field biologists offer a lucid portrait of the tropics through 17 marvelous essays that introduce the habitats, ecology, plants and animals of the Central and South American rainforests. (GPS13, $16.00)
Birds of Brazil, The Pantanal and Cerrado of Central Brazil  •  John Gwynne  •  Robert Ridgely  •  Guy Tudor  •  Martha Argel   • FIELD GUIDE  •  Featuring hundreds of color illustrations, this guide includes the 743 bird species of the Pantanal and Cerrado regions of Brazil. (BZL90, $35.00)
Birds of Northern South America, Vol. 2: Field Guide  •  Robin Restall  •  Clemencia Rodner  •  Roger Williams   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This comprehensive field guide, featuring an astounding 6400 paintings and 2308 maps, covers all the birds from Ecuador to Guiana. (SAM103, $75.00)
Birds of South America, Passerines  •  Ber Van Perlo   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This sturdy guide to the perching birds of South America covers every known species, even those found on offshore islands like the Galapagos. The illustrated profiles cover 1,952 birds and include range maps and information on habitat, identification and vocalizations. (SAM221, $29.95)
Brazil: Amazon & Pantanal, Travellers' Wildlife Guides  •  Les Beletsky  •  David Pearson   • FIELD GUIDE  •  A comprehensive handbook to the flora, fauna and habitats of Brazil. The 100 color plates feature 90 species of amphibians and reptiles, 310 birds, 70 mammals, 30 insects and 50 common trees and plants. (BZL30, $29.95)
Field Guide Birds of Brazil  •  Ber Van Perlo   • FIELD GUIDE  •  This comprehensive field guide features 187 beautifully drawn full-color plates with over 1,800 species accounts, including a distribution map for each species. (BZL75, $39.95)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447