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The Colossus of Maroussi  •  Henry Miller
The soul of Greece circa 1939. Miller captures the spirit and warmth of the resilient Greek people in this tale of a wartime journey from Athens to Crete, Corfu and Delphi with his friend Lawrence Durrell. Miller at his most inspired. (GRE05, $15.95)
  The Colossus of Maroussi
Greece, A Traveler's Literary Companion  •  Artemis Leontis
ANTHOLOGY •  1997 •  PAPER  • 288 PAGES
A collection of 24 stories by modern Greek writers, organized geographically -- and a wonderful introduction to Greek people, culture and landscapes. Editor Artemis Leontis is an adjunct professor of modern Greek at the University of Michigan. She includes stories by Odysseus Elytis, George Seferis, Nikos Kazantzakis and Vassilis Vassilikos. (GRE190, $14.95)
  Greece, A Traveler's Literary Companion
Ancient Greece: Art, Architecture, and History  •  Marina Belozerskaya  •  Kenneth Lapatin
This lively illustrated guide covers the architecture, painting and sculpture of Ancient Greece from the third millennium to the end of the Hellenistic period. With 282 color and 28 black-and-white illustrations. (GRE194, $19.95)
  Ancient Greece: Art, Architecture, and History
Eyewitness Guide Greek Islands  •  Eyewitness Guides
GUIDEBOOK •  2015 •  PAPER  • 400 PAGES
This guide features color photography, dozens of excellent local maps and an island-by-island synopsis of attractions. Handsome, convenient and up-to-date, this compact book provides an essential overview of the Greek Islands (with a chapter on Athens and a section on practicalities). (GRE37, $28.00)
  Eyewitness Guide Greek Islands
Greece Map  •  Michelin
2013 •  MAP
A colorful shaded map of Greece, the Greek Islands and the western coast of Turkey at a scale of 1:800,000. Two Sides. 49x41 inches. (GRE24, $12.95)
  Greece Map

Also Recommended

Athens Map  •  Borch Maps    •  An excellent laminated map of the city center at a scale of 1:7,500 with inset maps of the Acropolis, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Attica and the surrounding region. (GRE311, $9.95)
Greece Adventure Map  •  National Geographic Maps    •  A double-sided map of mainland Greece and the islands at a scale of 1:710,000. (GRE65, $11.95)
DK Eyewitness Top Ten Corfu & the Ionian Islands  •  Inc. Dorling Kindersley   • GUIDEBOOK  •  A compact, illustrated guide in the popular series, featuring favorite attractions. (GRE553, $14.00)
Greek, A Language Map  •  Kristine K. Kershul   • LANGUAGE & PHRASEBOOKS  •  This durable, foldout card gives easy phonetic pronunciation for several hundred of the most commonly needed words and phrases. (GRE241, $9.95)
Lonely Planet Greek Islands  •  Korina Miller   • GUIDEBOOK  •  This comprehensive practical guide in the hallmark Lonely Planet style includes local and regional color maps, a section of photographs, and chapters on history, culture and attractions. (GRE554, $24.99)
Marco Polo Guide Corfu  •  Klaus Botig   • GUIDEBOOK  •  This unique pocket guide is full of insider tips on where to stay, eat, drink, and sight-see. Includes a handy street atlas and a pull-out map. (GRE569, $9.99)
Greece, The Cookbook  •  Vefa Alexiadou   • FOOD • COMING IN MARCH  •  The bible of modern Greek cuisine. Alexiadou's Greek specialties combine simple ingredients like olive oil, bread, wine, figs, grapes and cheese into hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes. Her lush collection is filled with 230 color photographs and snippets of Greek history and culture. (GRE643, $49.95)
Postcards from Greece, Recipes from Across the Greek Seas  •  Stephen Joyce  •  Rebecca Seal   • FOOD  •  Making the cuisine of the Greek islands easy to digest, this collection of recipes by the British food writer includes cheese pies, moussaka, chocolate mousse and much more. (GRE636, $24.99)
A Traveller's History of Greece  •  Timothy Boatswain  •  Colin Nicolson   • HISTORY • COMING IN APRIL  •  A nicely written survey from prehistory through the 1990s: wide-ranging, accessible and necessarily condensed. (GRE55, $14.95)
Homer the Classic  •  Gregory Nagy   • HISTORY  •  Harvard classics scholar Nagy considers how Homer's poetry was greeted in its own day and in the centuries immediately following the great bard. (GRE405, $39.95)
Introducing the Ancient Greeks, From Bronze Age Seafarers to Navigators of the Western Mind  •  Edith Hall   • HISTORY  •  Classicist Edith Hall visits 10 Greek communities at different moments during the 20 centuries of ancient Greek history, brilliantly assembling a unified vision of the Greek spirit. (GRE555, $16.95)
It's All Greek to Me  •  Charlotte Higgins   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  With timelines, a who's who, charts and maps, this handy little primer is a thoroughly entertaining introduction to everything Greek, from poetry and drama to philosophy, history and culture. (GRE519, $16.99)
Modern Greece, What Everyone Needs to Know  •  Stathis Kalyvas   • HISTORY  •  A primer on Greek history from the 19th century on, with an in-depth look at the government debt crisis of 2010 and a consideration for the far-reaching implications of the country's current economic instability. (GRE551, $16.95)
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, Why the Greeks Matter  •  Thomas Cahill   • HISTORY  •  Cahill brings to life ancient Greek society and civilization through the lives and words of politicians, playwrights, a poet, a philosopher and an artist in this eloquent and absorbing tribute. (GRE182, $17.00)
The Complete World of Greek Mythology  •  Richard Buxton   • HISTORY  •  With hundreds of color illustrations, site plans, genealogies and maps, this handsome, encyclopedic reference illuminates the world of the Greek gods. (GRE377, $39.95)
The Greeks, An Illustrated History  •  Diane Harris Cline   • HISTORY  •  This accessible photographic history of ancient Greece pays special attention to Greek innovations: great literature and architecture, war tactics, democracy, the Olympics, Socrates and much more. Cline laces the gripping story of the Greek empire with archaeological discoveries. (GRE619, $30.00)
The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece  •  Mark Ottaway   • CULTURAL PORTRAIT  •  Organized geographically, this handsome oversize picture book is an illustrated portrait of Greece with hundreds of color photographs accompanying lively essays. (GRE273, $26.95)
The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece  •  Robert Morkot   • HISTORY  •  This pictorial survey of Greek antiquity, recording its culture and expansion, features dozens of full-color maps. (GRE125, $21.00)
The World of the Ancient Greeks  •  John Camp  •  Elizabeth Fisher   • HISTORY  •  Featuring hundreds of illustrations and invitingly short chapters on topics from the first Greeks to the Heroic Age and classical Athens. With modern color photographs of great Greek cities from Athens and Delphi to Knossos, Ephesus, Pergamum and Priene. (GRE365, $24.95)
Greece, Land of Light  •  Nicholas Gage  •  Barry Brukoff   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  Brukoff's dramatic color photographs are paired with incisive commentary by award-winning author Nicholas Gage for this striking portrait of the people, land and history of Greece and the islands. (GRE489, $24.99)
The Parthenon  •  Mary Beard   • ART & ARCHITECTURE  •  A lively tale of the construction, significance and uses of the 2,500-year-old architectural marvel. (GRE195, $18.00)
Travels With Epicurus  •  Daniel Klein   • TRAVEL NARRATIVE  •  Daniel Klein's witty meditation on the ancients, life in the Greek Islands, his favorite philosophers -- and growing old gracefully -- is also a delightful romp through the Aegean, primarily set on Hydra. (GRE514, $14.00)
Corelli's Mandolin  •  Louis De Bernieres   • LITERATURE  •  This lyrical novel captures the humanity, quirks and loves of village life in the Greek islands. A satire of war, this charming and richly-colored novel is set on Cephalonia during the Italian occupation in the 1940s. (GRE51, $16.95)
Greek Mythology, A Traveler's Guide  •  David Stuttard   • LITERATURE  •  This informative, literary traveler's guide introduces Greek mythology geographically through 22 chapters dedicated to specific destinations, from Mount Olympus and Delos to Athens and Mycenae, illustrated with beautiful color drawings. (GRE616, $24.95)
The Greek Myths, Complete Edition  •  Robert Graves   • LITERATURE  •  A new edition of Graves' classic collection with a cover by comic book artist Ross MacDonald. This expert retelling by Graves, a poet, memoirist and the author of I, Claudius (ITL429), still remains the seminal modern translation of the mythologies of Ancient Greece. (GRE274, $26.00)
The King Must Die  •  Mary Renault   • LITERATURE  •  The first in Mary Renault's trilogy of well-researched page-turners features the tale of Theseus, slayer of the Minotaur and the king of Athens. Known for her exhaustive research, Renault is an acknowledged master of historical fiction. (GRE23, $15.95)     (800) 342-2164      2838 Vicksburg Lane N    Plymouth, MN 55447