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  1. 1. Essential Reading: Best of 2016
  2. 2. For the Whole Family: Stocking Stuffers
  3. 3. For the Naturalist: Wildlife Books
  4. 4. For the Cartographer: Atlases & Maps
  5. 5. For the Chef: International Cuisine
  6. 6. For the Literary Pilgrim: In the Footsteps of Authors
  7. 7. For Kids: Let the Adventure Unfold
  8. 8. For the Kid in You: Coloring Books

Dear Traveler,

The holidays are the ideal time to reflect on the past year. When we look back over 2016, we see a path littered with memorable reads, many of which we've selected as our top ten travel books of the year.

As 2017 draws to a close, it's also time to start planning your travels in the New Year. The books featured in this newsletter are the perfect gifts to prepare the traveler in your life for a year of adventure. We've got phrasebooks, journals and maps to stuff stockings (and backpacks) and gorgeous illustrated coffee table books that would be a treasured addition to any traveler's library. Books for the naturalist, the chef, the literary pilgrim and the young explorer fill out this year's holiday gift guide.

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With warm wishes from the entire Longitude team,

Jodie Vinson


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The Hour of Land, A Personal Topography of America's National Parks (USA592, $27.00)

Equal parts memoir, natural history and ecological manifesto, this illustrated narrative by award-winning author Terry Tempest Williams honors 12 national parks and explores why they matter to the soul of America.

Elephant Complex, Travels in Sri Lanka (SRL43, $28.95)

This exuberant travelogue by John Gimlette takes stock of Sri Lanka, from the capital city of Colombo through the remotest interior. Gimlette mixes his narrative with colonial history and plenty of lucid observations.

The Travel Book (WLD193, $50.00)

Bigger and better than ever (the third edition of the best-selling original), we can't keep our hands off this celebration of the world. Each country, no matter how big or small, gets a colorful double-page spread in this glossy A-to-Z of travel from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Sixty Degrees North (SCT251, $26.95)

Beginning in his hometown in Shetland, Malachy Tallack walks along the 60th parallel through Scandinavia, Greenland, Alaska, Russia and Canada, considering larger themes of isolation, wildness and exile and the ways people interact with the land.

Why the Dutch are Different (NTH177, $19.95)

Mingling history with travelogue, Ben Coates speaks to why the Netherlands is such a fascinating country. He explains their world-famous culture of tolerance, the significance of milk, beer and the color orange in the lives of the Dutch and much more.

In Other Words (ITA587, $26.95)

In this complex memoir, award-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri moves to Rome and immerses herself in Italian. Her dual-language book chronicles her courtship with the language, the Italian culture and the difficulties of linguistic exile.

Samarkand (CAS248, $34.95)

An excellent introduction to Samarkand (by turns inhabited by Uzbeks, Tajiks, Russians, Turks, Koryo-Sarams, Jews and Afghans), this compendium brings the region to life with essays, photos and plenty of recipes little-known to the West.

Great City Maps (MAP59, $30.00)

Published in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this well-illustrated collection uses unique historical maps as gateways to 30 of the world's greatest cities. The editors at DK pair captivating cartography with historical analysis, sharing the stories behind each map and shining a light on the civilizations that created Rome, Jerusalem, New York, Tokyo and other urban masterpieces. Perfect for map lovers and history buffs alike.

The Arctic (ARC356, $50.00)

Presenting the best works from a range of Arctic photographers, this unparalleled collection celebrates the region's beautiful landscapes, biodiversity, native peoples and rapidly changing environment. With a foreword by Sven-Olof Lindblad.

Yellowstone, A Journey Through America's Wild Heart (USW820, $28.00)

With David Quammen's trademark blend of history, science and field research, this oversized ode to Yellowstone is filled with text and plenty of vivid photographs. Quammen brings readers deeper into the life of the park: its misty mountain peaks, gray wolves, sweeping valleys and geologic wonders.


Introducing the Hunt series, a collection of slim, whimsical, well-designed guides featuring tightly curated recommendations, selected for their quality and character. Organized by neighborhood, the profiled restaurants, shops, music venues and cocktail bars convey the vibrancy and character of their city. Each book easily fits in a back pocket (or a stocking toe!) and includes great photos, hand-drawn maps and an hour-by-hour section for a short stay. Perfect for the hip and artsy traveler!

Simple and clearly presented, Penguin's pocket guides to the Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German languages include basic grammar, a pronunciation guide and helpful vocabulary for travelers. The neat design and slim fit make these the perfect stocking stuffers for the aspiring language learner.

Surprise your favorite traveler with the most intimate of souvenirs, a journal. This season we're showcasing a variety of sizes and styles of blank notebooks in the hope that you can find the perfect fit. A great way to record your adventures for future generations!

Printed on durable, waterproof Tyvek, Lonely Planet's attractive city maps feature important sights and traveler's information with a helpful inset of the local transit system. The double-sided map slips into a protective jacket and is scaled so that one inch equals 0.1 miles. The perfect gift for the trip planner.

Utilizing the new technology of photicular images, these innovative photicular books use interleaved photos, sliding lenses and four-color video imagery to depict the wildlife of the ocean. Each creature is accompanied with specifics and an informative essay. The unique books will entertain adults and children alike.


Wild, Beautiful Places (WLD303, $40.00)

The cartographic experts at National Geographic hand-picked this collection of 50 pristine locales, perfect for nature travelers. Secluded valleys, mountain ranges and rugged plains fill the beautifully illustrated book, which includes engaging photo descriptions and practical travel advice.

Remarkable Birds (BRD148, $39.95)

This ornithological celebration delves into human fascination with the avian world through illuminating illustrations, prints and drawings. A thorough overview, beautifully produced.

Wild Encounters (NAT317, $75.00)

In this collection of fine art photographs, legendary nature photographer David Yarrow reconnects with rare subjects that readers think they know well, including lions, elephants, tigers and polar bears.

Evolution, A Visual Record (GPS127, $39.95)

Award-winning photographer Robert Clark reawakens readers to humankind's ancestors, Darwin's famous Galapagos finches, the links between dinosaurs and modern birds and other great contributions to evolution science in this beautiful collection of 200 photographs.

Greatest Landscapes (WLD302, $40.00)

Chosen from the immense National Geographic image catalog, this coffee table book immortalizes the world's most evocative and extraordinary landscapes ever captured on film. The many iconic shots are paired with insight from the photographers themselves.

Birds of North America (BRD149, $40.00)

Designed to make differentiation easy, this comprehensive birdwatching guide features full-color photographs showing plumage variations and subspecies. Each profile includes a color-coded map.

Explorers' Botanical Notebook (NAT318, $39.95)

Lush with information on 80 pioneering botanists, this beautifully illustrated collection of biographies places each important scientist in historical context with maps and copious notes.


Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World (GEN71, $200.00)

The 14th edition of the world's most authoritative atlas, presented in all its meticulous glory with each double-page spread a whopping 16 x 22 inches and an extraordinary 200,000 place name index.

Map Stories (MAP60, $29.99)

A beautiful, large-format book, this collection of antique map reproductions brings the old and dusty treasures to life with easy-to-read backstories and full-color images. From the first maps of the Far West, Arabia and Scotland to many more far-flung regions, the collection relates fascinating histories and explores why each cartographic gem is extraordinary.

The World Atlas of Tea (REF65, $35.00)

A full-flavored blend of fact, history and technique, this clear overview offers everything readers need to become steeped in the world of tea. Smith covers tea production from ground to cup, including the surprisingly important roles of soil and altitude to the major tea varieties, a survey of the world's major tea producers and insights into her own specialty: tea blending.

Maps That Changed the World (MAP57, $19.95)

This compendium of 65 cartographic essentials features Lewis and Clark's maps of the American West, famous Dutch engravings, antique plans of the "edge of the world"––even maps from Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth. Organized chronologically, each important piece is paired with photographs and background information.

Atlas Obscura, An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders (WLD304, $35.00)

Funny, magical and strange, this guide to the world provides hundreds of mind-blowing reasons to leave your living room and cross the globe, including: Saddam Hussein's copy of the Qur'an and an unfinished mega-hotel in Pyongyang.


The best chefs know how to travel without ever leaving home––or the kitchen, for that matter. One way to experience the distinct flavor of a culture is through its culinary traditions. Take a tour of international cuisines through this collection of new, beautifully produced cookbooks. Whether you're whipping up cozy Scandinavian comfort food or spicing it up with Cuban Fried Chicken, soon the aromas and flavors of your dinner table will transport you to new lands––or recall scrumptious memories of those already traveled through.



A Literary Tour of Italy (ITA623, $17.00)

In his erudite collection of essays, Tim Parks (Italian Neighbors) focuses on works essential to understanding his adopted country, including Italian thinkers as diverse as Machiavelli and Umberto Eco alongside movements in Italian literature like "Dolce Stil Novo" (the sweet new style).

The Gilded Chalet (SWZ87, $29.95)

In this amusing guide, a grand tour of literary Switzerland, Padraig Rooney profiles 200 years of outstanding works and their strong Swiss influences. He argues that the land of luxury hotels, fresh air and fresh milk deserves wide renown as a literary hub.

The Globe Guide to Shakespeare (GRB327, $29.95)

This voluminous guide to Shakespeare's life and work provides both quick-reference materials and background info on every Shakespeare play, poem and original performance. The quintessential Shakespeare reference, useful for both newcomers and longtime fans.

Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Paris's Rebel Quarter (FRA289, $15.99)

The first in a series on Parisian neighborhoods, this history of Saint-Germain-des-Pres was penned by Paris expert John Baxter. He combed the neighborhood from top to bottom, writing a chapter on each site worth visiting, including Sartre's favorite café and the best chocolate shop in all of Paris.

Literary Wonderlands, A Journey Through the Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created (GNL53, $29.99)

Written by preeminent book critics, this thorough overview of fantasy literature examines its historical underpinnings, with artworks and cartography, notes on plot and meanings that may be extracted from the works.


The Hello Atlas (TVL660, $27.99)

Featuring colorful and detailed world maps and drawings of kids all over the world, this children's book introduces common and lesser-known world languages. With simple, practical vocabulary that's not only useful, but fun to say! Written for ages 6 to 9.

Charles Darwin's Around-the-World Adventure (GPS126, $18.95)

Written for kids ages 5 to 7, this colorful book introduces Charles Darwin and his world-famous journey. With insets, fun facts, maps and energetic storytelling, it explains how Darwin saw distant lands while collecting insects and bones, watching volcanoes, experiencing earthquakes and, ultimately, changing the world.

The Cities Book (WLD305, $19.99)

Ideal for kickstarting the "travel bug" in readers ages 9 to 12, this colorful compendium introduces 86 of the world's most interesting cities. With photography, hand-drawn maps and illustrations, the book is filled with fun facts about festivals, architecture, history and much more. Includes world-famous cities like Las Vegas, Moscow and Dubai alongside lesser-known gems like Kingston, Mumbai and Kyoto.

The Polar Bear (ARC364, $17.95)

Named one of the year's best illustrated books by the New York Times, this beautiful children's book combines watercolors, acrylic paint, pencil, crayon and printmaking for a poetic and factual portrayal. While reading a book about polar bears, a curious little girl visits one in her imagination. Written for ages 5 to 8.

Australia Illustrated (AUS307, $21.99)

Introducing children ages 4 to 8 to Australia, this portrait details the nation's flora, fauna and major landmarks alongside its endearing quirkiness: popular sayings, different types of rain, street food delicacies, famous ferries and much more.

Unfolding Journeys Amazon Adventure (AMZ149, $17.99)

An innovative and fun way to explore the Amazon, this beautifully illustrated wall frieze features 16 pull-out panels that introduce jungle cities, the Peruvian Andes, wacky wildlife and much more. Written for ages 8 to 12. Also in the series: Unfolding Journeys Rocky Mountain Explorer!

Travel the World Atlas (WLD308, $9.95)

Plenty of bite-sized facts and colorful illustrations fill this delightful map book, written for ages 7 and up. Great for budding world-travelers, the book explores wonders from around the globe including Aztec ruins in Mexico, Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland and the Sahara Desert.


If you haven't tried it yet, coloring can be a wonderful, whimsical way to pass the time in transit, inspiring the creative traveler in you and even soothing away the stress of the road. These new coloring books for adults make excellent gifts for travelers. Browse our full selection of coloring books for all ages here.


Please email with your suggestions and comments. We like to hear from our customers!

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P.S. One last stocking stuffer for anyone planning a journey in the New Year! Have fun flipping through Lonely Planet's amusing pocket-sized guide to packing, How to Pack For Any Trip, which is both humorous and helpful. With practical tips for all kinds of trips and destinations and illustrated with clever graphics, this is a great gift for any traveler.