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  1. 1. Featured Destination: The Brazil Olympics
  2. 2. New & Noteworthy: Central and South America
  3. 3. Featured Series: Monocle Guides
  4. 4. New in Paperback: Fishermen, Fortunes, Fellowship
  5. 5. Cycling Adventures: Tour De France

Dear Traveler,

From the Tour de France to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August, it's time to celebrate sports around the world. We think you'll appreciate these new books, whether you're on your way to try out that perfect green, to run your dream destination marathon or simply traveling as an audience member to an ever-performing world.

Happy Summer!

Jodie Vinson


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The Games: A Global History of the Olympics (SPT21 $29.95)

In this fascinating history, acclaimed sports writer David Goldblatt explores the world's greatest sporting event. Moving chronologically, he uncovers the Olympics' ancient past, reinvention in 1896 and present-day status as a world phenomenon. Beyond medal counts and celebrity athletes, he explains how international conflicts have shaped the games, how women fought to be included, the birth of the Paralympics and much more.

The Rio De Janeiro Reader, History, Culture, Politics (BZL138, $25.95)

This miscellany is the definitive resource on everything Rio de Janeiro. It covers over 450 years, from the fateful arrival of Europeans to the glitz and glamour of the Copacabana. An in-depth look at all the complexity, importance and intrigue of a modern economic capital.

Brazil, The Troubled Rise of a Global Power (BZL139, $22.00)

In this multi-faceted profile of Brazil, Michael Reid delves into history, geography, culture, economics, politics and much more. He presents Brazil as an emergent world leader that is struggling mightily against many forces, including corruption and a starkly divided populus.

Birds of Brazil, Atlantic Forest (BZL146, $35.00)

An installment in the Wildlife Conservation Society's series, this field guide focuses on the Atlantic Forest area of southeast Brazil, including Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With illustrations, markings, range maps and threat-levels, the guide profiles 927 species.

Footprint Handbook Brazil (BZL114, $27.99)

Footprint's informative guide to Brazil not only has accommodation, restaurant and nightlife guides but also listings of celebrations and adventure activities.

Rio de Janeiro Map (BZL25, $7.95)

This colorful National Geographic Destination Map (1:15,000) includes insets of Tijuca, Sao Crystal and Copacabana.


The Voyage of the Beagle (GPS124, $30.00)

The perfect supplement for lovers of Darwin's classic account, this history mixes antique and new illustrations, letters, diary entries, official narratives and charts produced by shipboard artists. Read a full review on our blog.

The Great Inka Road, Engineering an Empire (SAM205, $40.00)

Now over 700 years old, the "Qhapaq Nan" (the Great Inca Road) is an architectural gem so vast it connects Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. In this book, historians use the road as a window to the Incan civilization. Their essays, supplemented with more than 225 full-color illustrations, cover everything from the road's engineering and practical uses to the great civilizaton that built it.

The Maya, Voices in Stone (MYA96, $90.00)

The product of a multi-national panel of scholars, this groundbreaking sourcebook is a comprehensive appraisal of Mayan culture. The authors cover art, writing, religion, rituals, social structures, government, architecture, warfare and politics, spanning the Mayans' classical period through colonialism. The fresh, scholarly work is filled with over 300 images and infographics as well as maps, charts, an index and a full bibliography.

The Lost Amazon (AMZ144, $40.00)

In the early 1940s, ethnobotanist Richard Evan Schultes took a leave of absence and disappeared into the Colombian Amazon. Twelve years later he reemerged with 30,000 botanical specimens and over 10,000 photos, having lived among 24 Amazonian tribes. This is a photographic tour through his extraordinary research, accompanied with text by renowned ethnobotanist and prolific writer Wade Davis.

The Sky over Lima (PRU147, $25.00)

Set in Lima, this novel recasts the fantastically true story of two young men who, enamored with the poetry of Juan Ramon Jimenez, correspond with the great poet through a fictional admirer they devise. Their charade becomes too real, however, when the great poet falls in love with her. Winner of the 2014 Ojo Critico Literary Prize.

1519, A Journey to the End of Time (MEX331, $17.99)

After being diagnosed with cancer, John Harrison walks the trail of destruction left by Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes in this historical travelogue. He confronts his own mortality while exploring the larger questions of human history. Read a travel essay by the author on our blog!


Designed for the upscale traveler, Monocle guidebooks feature short essays, top lists, excellent color photography and expert recommendations from Monocle magazine's network of bureaus, correspondents and on-the-road reporters.


The Fishermen (WAF190, $15.99)

Nine-year-old Benjamin and his older brothers disobey their parents by fishing in a forbidden river, where a madman prophesizes that the eldest brother will die at the hands of one of the others, setting off a tragic chain of events that forever changes the lives of the brothers. The novel is set in a small Nigerian town in the mid-90s.

Darjeeling (IDA729, $18.00)

Mixing politics, religion and ecology, this history of India's most sought-after tea is a full-bodied blend of disciplines. Author Jeff Koehler focuses on how Darjeeling became an economic keystone in Britain's worldwide empire.

The Fortunes of Africa, A 5000-Year History of Wealth, Greed and Endeavor (AFR327, $21.99)

Covering the epic story of colonialism in Africa, Martin Meredith's magisterial history depicts empire-hungry kings, missionaries, tribal warlords, mining barons -- even modern multinational corporations. An expansive but entertaining read.

Ladies of Manauga (CAM61, $15.99)

This intimate novel captures the lives of three women -- and three generations of life in Nicaragua. When Maria Vazquez returns to Nicaragua for her grandfather's funeral, her arrival reignites ages-old struggles she has had with her mother, a storied freedom-fighter whose husband died during the revolution. Meanwhile, Maria's mourning grandmother wades through memories of love lost. All three confront their complicated, passionate relationships with each other and with their country.

The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings (GNL36, $17.00)

A fascinating, readable group biography of the Inklings, the prestigious Oxford writing club that included J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Owen Barfield and Charles William.


Tour De France Legendary Climbs (FRA277, $34.95)

With 9,000-foot climbs, heavy gradients, uphill hairpin turns and much more, cycling journalist Chris Sidwells highlights the most memorable ascents of the Tour, ones that continually test the endurance of cycling professionals. The beautifully produced coffee table book is illustrated with color photos and high-definition satellite images from Google Earth.

The Mechanical Horse, How the Bicycle Reshaped American Life (BCY43, $24.95)

Touching on travel, technology and the American way of life, this popular history explores how the bicycle and self-directed, long-distance travel transformed America (and continues to do so).

The Science of the Tour De France (FRA269, $30.00)

Delving into the training regimen of today's Tour de France cyclists, this cycling book draws on interviews with athletes and trainers, plus the latest research, to report on how cyclists gain critical advantages and how the golden age of "Le Tour" is becoming a thing of the past.

The Ultimate Bicycle Owener's Manual (BCY41, $19.99)

Cycling blogger Eben Weiss (AKA Bike Snob NYC) draws on his vast experience in this tell-all guide. His diverse chapters cover everything novices and veterans need to know -- from purchase, travel and competition to the future of cycling.

The Cyclist's Anthology (BCY42, $14.95)

This entertaining anthology presents short excerpts from Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, HG Wells, EM Forster, Dervla Murphy and many more. In all, 50 authors share their thoughts and insights into the wonderful pastime of cycling.

Lanterne Rouge, The Last Man in the tour de France (FRA192, $16.95)

Max Leonard views the Tour de France from the perspective of its last-place finishers, the "red lanterns." Comic, tragic and absurd, these tales are a great introduction to the iconic race and explain how last place can be inspirational, too. Just out in paperback!

Le Tour: Race Log (BCY44, $15.95)

Keep track of every stage of the world's most famous cycle race in this illustrated journal, with space for details like jersey style, route changes, team tactics and daily winners.

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