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  1. 1. New & Noteworthy: Naturalists in the Wild
  2. 2. Featured Guides: The Pocket Naturalist
  3. 3. New in Paperback: Paradise on Ice
  4. 4. Where to Eat: International Cuisine
  5. 5. Kids & Conservation: For the Young Naturalist

Dear Traveler,

As Earth Day rolls around, we're bringing you books about men and women whose travels in the natural world have inspired our own explorations. The talented David Gessner and Sean Prentice are both on the trail of Edward Abbey in the American West, and John Hemming follows three explorers deep into the Amazon.

For those of you who want to taste where you travel, we've got some fine new foodie books, including a new edition of Where Chefs Eat. With two beautiful new cookbooks featuring the gastronomic delights of Puglia, you can travel the south of Italy without leaving your kitchen.

And finally, a peek into my suitcase as I prepare for my travels in Myanmar and Sri Lanka this month. I'm packing Michael Ondaatje and Leonard Woolf on Sri Lanka and reading George Orwell and Emma Larkin (who follows in his footsteps) in Myanmar.

Where are you traveling this spring?

Jodie Vinson


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All the Wild That Remains, Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner and the American West (USW773, $26.95)

David Gessner's homage to the West and to two great writers who celebrated and defended it — Edward Abbey and Wallace Stegner — inspires and entertains while asking important environmental questions about our role in cultivating a meaningful relationship with the wild.

Naturalists in Paradise, Wallace, Bates and Spruce in the Amazon (AMZ137, $34.95)

The story of three pioneering British naturalists whose discoveries in Amazonia impacted the world. After exploring the South American rainforest, Alfred Russel Wallace theorized evolution, Henry Bates uncovered the concept of protective mimicry and Richard Spruce discovered how to mass-produce quinine to cure malaria. John Hemming's excellent profile of the world's richest ecosystem includes 70 black-and-white and color illustrations.

The Last Unicorn, A Search for One of Earth's Rarest Creatures (SEA89, $27.00)

In search of an elusive land animal, Pulitzer Prize-finalist William DeBuys treks the remote mountain forests of Laos. He's following the accounts of local people who say they've seen a saola, a long-horned deer that has been poached near extinction. DeBuys' efforts to save the saola soon become allegorical as he finds himself really searching for wildness, nature, knowledge and beauty.

Rhythm of the Wild, A Life Inspired by Alaska's Denali National Park (ALA385, $25.95)

Mixing memoir with earnest appeals for more conservation efforts, this companion to The Only Kayak is an inspired tribute to Denali National Park. For over three decades Kim Heacox has explored Denali and his reflections on the park are worthwhile studies in spirituality and the American landscape. His earlier book on John Muir is now in paperback.

Finding Abbey, The Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Desert Grave (DES15, $21.95)

When renowned environmental writer Edward Abbey died in 1989, four of his intimate friends buried him in a secret spot in the desert. In a quest to find the author's final resting place, Sean Prentiss sets off across the country, interviewing Abbey's closest friends and examining the meaning of place and home as he unravels the environmentalist's complicated legacy.


Spot, identify and appreciate wildlife as you travel with Pocket Naturalist Guides, folding wildlife cards designed for quick reference in the field. With vivid, full-color images and text, these handy laminated cards slide into a pack or pocket for easy accessibility.


Endurance, Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
(ANT396, $16.99)

Alfred Lansing's gripping day-by-day story of Ernest Shackleton's legendary perseverance is essential reading for any Antarctic traveler. This 100th anniversary edition is outfitted with maps, an expanded selection of Frank Hurley's photographs and an introduction by Nathaniel Philbrick.

John Muir and the Ice That Started a Fire
(USW741, $18.95)

A popular lecturer on expedition cruises based in Gustavus, Kim Heacox returns to the story of John Muir — and his passion for glaciers — in this dual biography of the man and of Alaska. Muir made known the wonders of Glacier Bay in his Travels in Alaska.

Denali's Howl, The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak (ALA378, $16.00)

Drawing on interviews, lost documents and radio recordings, this gripping chronicle follows the 1967 climbing expedition that saw 12 men ascend Denali and only five return.

Euphoria (PNG35, $16.00)

Based on Margaret Mead and her second and third husbands, this haunting and atmospheric novel from Lily King follows the convoluted relationships and personalities of three anthropologists isolated within the female-led Tam tribe of Papua New Guinea along the Sepik River. A New York Times Book Review Top Ten of 2014 and winner of the Kirkus Prize.

In Paradise (GER314, $16.00)

A penetrating novel by the late Peter Matthiessen about an American scholar who tests the power of spirituality and understanding in the shadow of Auschwitz. A Newsweek Best Book of 2014.


Life from Scratch, A Memoir of Food, Family and Forgiveness (WLD279, $25.00)

On a food journey like no other, writer and blogger Sarah Martin sets out on a 195-week trip around the world — without leaving her kitchen. Determined to cook (and eat!) a meal from every country across the globe, Martin makes peace with her past through the prism of world cultures and cuisine.

Where Chefs Eat, A Guide to Chefs' Favourite Restaurants (WLD272, $24.95)

To create this world-encompassing list of restaurant recommendations, food writer Joe Warwick mailed simple questionnaires to the world's top chefs and recieved around 400 responses. Their answers reveal the best places for breakfasts, dinners, bargains and high cuisine in the world's cultural capitals. Organized by continent, the book includes address and contact information for each establishment, practical advice on things like pricing and recommended dress.

Puglia (ITA525, $39.95)

This appetizing portrait of the Puglia region of Italy is the third installment in Phaidon's Silver Spoon cookbook series (following Tuscany and Sicily). Author and chef Tara Russell provides information on the area's bountiful markets alongside over 50 recipes. Mouthwatering dishes include: strascinati pasta with tomato sauce, stuffed aubergine rolls and chocolate with figs.

Sharing Puglia, Delicious, Simple Food from Undiscovered Italy (ITA506, $39.95)

In a sleek, modern design featuring stunning photography, this cookbook offers 80 authentic Pugliese recipes such as kingfish crudo with fresh fava beans, Caciocavallo and scampi with fresh chicory and pomegranate.

Eating Viet Nam, Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table (VNM177, $26.99)

While living in Vietnam, native Englishman Graham Holliday penned this gastronomic tour which takes him from fancy dining tables to streetside vendors and everywhere in between. A genuine adventure through Vietnamese cuisine. With a foreword by Anthony Bourdain.

1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die, A Food Lover's Life List (TVL605, $24.95)

A celebratory "feast" of the world's best cuisine from haute to snack, hyper-local to exotic, featuring nearly 600 color photographs and restaurants, with advice on where to find the ingredients to prepare dishes at home.

Michelin Map of New York City, Great Places to Eat (NYC284, $9.95)

An easy-to-use map guide to New York's best eateries. The one-sided plan focuses on Manhattan, with insets of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. The reverse is an index of restaurants, all ranked, classed and priced. Printed on tear- and water-resistant paper. Scaled at 1:25,344.


Rain, Rain, Rain Forest (AMZ141, $7.99)

A vibrant, sensory introduction to the animals of the rainforest. When a downpour wakes the creatures of the hot and humid jungle, they begin their wild cacophony. Flap, flap, flap! A bat bites a fig. Hss, Hss, Hss. A snake tastes the air. Splitter, splat, splash! The rain hits the leaves. The present-tense narrative and fun facts are accompanied by colorful cut-and-torn paper collages. Written for ages 4 to 8.

The Field Guide to Rain Forest Animals (AMZ139, $15.95)

A unique children's guide to eight Amazon animals that includes photographs, illustrations, maps, fascinating facts and a diorama activity. Written for ages 8 and up.

Climate Change (SCI341, $8.99)

A comprehensive introduction to climate change for kids. Subjects covered include: carbon footprints, the greenhouse effect, El Nino, deforestation and much more. Written for ages 10 to 15.

John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall (CAL375, $16.95)

An illustrated tale of the legendary naturalist John Muir's midnight walk from his cabin to Yosemite Falls — a fun and harrowing adventure! The narrative also includes biographical information about Muir and his work as a conservationist.

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You've seen our books on what to eat, but can we start you off with something to drink? We've refreshed our selection of books on tea, coffee and beer from around the world, including the beautiful new Aroma of the World. The Beer Sommelier and Tea Sommelier are also favorites.