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  1. 1. Essential Reading: Best of 2015
  2. 2. Stocking Stuffers: For Everyone
  3. 3. Nature Books: For the Wild One
  4. 4. International Cookbooks: For the Foodie
  5. 5. Atlases: For the Family
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Dear Traveler,

Happy Holidays! Here's hoping a certain well-traveled gentleman from the North Pole brings you lots of joy this holiday season. We're here to help his cause with gift suggestions for the traveler.

Our editors have put a lot of thought into our curated list of the top ten travel books of 2015. From Marie Mutsuki Mockett's beautifully crafted portrait of Japan to an exciting journey in Tibet, from whimsical literary maps to stunning photographs from Cuba, a stack of these best travel books of the year will take you around the globe (and fit nicely beneath an evergreen tree).

We've tried to reach everyone on your list, from the epicurean to the nature-lover, with gorgeous coffee table books, mouth-watering cookbooks, inspiring journals, hefty atlases and even some entertainment for the road. Need something for the kids? Last month's newsletter featured excellent ideas for the young explorer in your life, from children to young adults.

If your stocking still isn't full enough, click here for our latest annual catalog. Or, if you're in the Minneapolis area, stop by to browse our new showroom, recently featured in Shelf Awareness!

Safe travels this holiday season,

Jodie Vinson


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Where the Dead Pause, and the Japanese Say Goodbye (JPN460, $26.95)

When her American father passes away, Marie Mutsuki Mockett seeks consolation in her mother's home country of Japan. In the wake of the 2011 tsunami, she visits a radiation zone in a hazmat suit, a school for Zen Buddhist monks and several temples and festivals in an effort to understand the Japanese way of grieving, to bury her dead and, ultimately, to find healing.

The Almost Nearly Perfect People, Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia (SCN83, $26.00)

Guardian journalist Michael Booth writes with laugh-out-loud humor and brutal candor about the Scandinavians, mixing history and his own experiences in Nordic regions in this searing cultural portrait.

Peaks on the Horizon, Two Journeys in Tibet
(TBT168, $16.95)

Two men recount their personal relationships with the volatile and awe-inspiring country of Tibet: an English teacher who, acting on a lifelong obsession, explores the region during sabbatical and a Tibetan exile stranded at the border as he strives to reunite with the love of his life.

Cuba, This Moment, Exactly So (CBA261, $75.00)

This deluxe coffee table book organizes 250 black-and-white photographs around micro-stories that immerse readers in the heat and culture of Cuba, the "Pearl of the Antilles." Includes a foreword by the great travel writer Pico Iyer.

Abducting a General, The Kreipe Operation and SOE in Crete (GRE611, $24.95)

In another riveting episode from the life of Patrick Leigh Fermor, the eminent travel writer recounts his time as an operative during WWII and as the leader of 11 guerrilla fighters in Crete who famously kidnapped German general Heinrich Kreipe.

Light and Dust, Images and Stories from the Wild of East Africa (EAF446, $60.00)

This gorgeously photographed tribute to the animals of Eastern Africa captures the region's wild creatures at their most sociable and dramatic. Veronesi's lens tracks the African animals into tumultuous weather — through mists, dust storms and heavy rains.

In Manchuria, A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China (CHN780, $28.00)

Michael Meyer blends narrative nonfiction, memoir and reportage for an honest look at rural China (Dongbei, formerly known as Manchuria). He gives voice to a phenomenon that is sweeping China as villages shift from communes to company towns while also traveling the region, searching for traces of its banished history.

Plotted, A Literary Atlas (GNL29, $24.99)

This collection of literature-inspired maps takes readers into the fictional worlds of great books, including the landscapes of The Odyssey, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Flies and many more.

The Burma Spring (BMA93, $29.95)

Drawing on exclusive interviews that shed new light on Burma's political atmosphere, journalist Rena Pederson delivers an inspiring biography of the charismatic Aung San Suu Kyi, whose life and work served as inspiration for Burma's first steps toward democracy.

Skyfaring, A Journey with a Pilot (TVL631, $25.95)

In the tradition of the great literary pilots like Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Mark Vanhoenacker provides a meditation on modern-day flight. A commercial airline pilot, he speaks from the cockpit to the questions of the everyday traveler. His thoughtful reflections on everything from jet lag to place names on flight charts renew the mystery and adventure of flight in an age in which air travel has become commonplace transportation.


Every traveler needs a place to reflect when the journey is through. The handmade linen-cotton pages of a Poetic Earth journal will inspire even the most active explorers to record their adventures for posterity. These high-quality, leather-bound journals were crafted with the artistic traveler in mind. With wrap-around covers, iconic prints and brass latches to choose from, you can select the design that fits your destination.

Spot, identify and appreciate the native wildlife of your destination with Pocket Naturalist Guides from Waterford Press. These handy, laminated fold-up cards featuring illustrations of wildlife from around the world are ideal for quick nature reference. Plus they fit nicely in a shirt pocket — or a stocking!

Not For Tourists Guides are so packed with useful information we recommend them for travelers and locals alike. Each pocket-sized guide features plenty of helpful maps, indexes and local listings plus insider hints, tips and tricks.

Ideal for those who travel for leisure or work, Moleskine notebooks offer fresh, creative ways to organize your trip and preserve your experience. These journals make excellent gifts for the travel expert in your life, from the writer to the wine connoisseur.

The laminated, accordion folded street maps from Streetwise slip easily into a traveler's pocket or pack. Wonderfully detailed and easy to read, these maps make planning a trip and navigating a new destination a pleasure. The simple, fluid folds mean you won't have to struggle to get them back into their original shape!

One of our favorite series, A Very Short Introduction, offers titles on subjects of great interest to the educated traveler. The slim, pocket-sized design makes these books easy to fit into carry-ons. Far from feeling abridged or dumbed down, the content is accessible and astute, perfect for the traveling autodidact.


Wild World (WLD297, $39.99)

Bringing the world's wildest corners into focus, this coffee table masterpiece depicts the breathtaking mountains, wildlife spectacles, animals, rivers, deserts and jungles found on each continent. It's the super-sized follow-up to Beautiful World.

Rarely Seen, Photographs of the Extraordinary
(WLD295, $40.00)

In 250 color images, National Geographic presents some of the world's rarest, far-flung objects and natural wonders, including 50-ton crystals, 30,000-year-old cave art sealed from the public and volcanic lightning.

Wildlife of the World (WLD289, $50.00)

This beautifully produced wildlife survey brings readers face-to-face with the world's most interesting animals from habitats as diverse as the Amazon, the Himalayas, the Sahara and the South Pole. Filled with colorful illustrations, the oversized book allots an in-depth profile to each species, from the shaggy Musk Ox to the Scottish Wildcat and the Gelda Monkey.

The Annihilation of Nature (NAT311, $29.95)

Warning that many of the world's birds and mammals are becoming extinct, this timely clarion call reports on an escalating, worldwide assault on living things. The authors, three of today's most distinguished conservationists, show how the burgeoning human population, industry and public apathy are contributing to the environmental crisis. The gorgeously illustrated book has drawn high praise from award-winning authors Jared Diamond and Tim Flannery.

Extreme Earth (WLD293, $85.00)

In this vast tribute to Earth's deserts and polar regions, Michael Martin, a leading documentary photographer, expertly combines his photographic prowess with exploration and reportage. The hefty volume includes over 450 aerial and ground photographs, mathematically exact maps and expert text.


Near & Far, Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel (TVL626, $29.99)

Part recipe book, part photo album, this ode to whole food cooking was compiled by New York Times bestselling author Heidi Swanson. Her 120 all-natural recipes like Fennel Frond Orzo, Sake-Glazed Mushrooms and Ginger Orange Blossom Water transport readers from California to Vietnam, India, Italy, New Zealand and many places in between. A unique adventure in healthy eating, worldwide, by an original voice in food writing.

The Nordic Cookbook (SCN97, $49.95)

For this unprecedented exploration into Nordic cooking, Scandinavian chef Magnus Nilsson traveled through Denmark, the Faroes, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden conducting extensive culinary research. His compendium explains Nordic ingredients and cooking techniques and includes 400 simple and authentic recipes with beautiful photographs. A very comprehensive profile of the Nordic region's culinary offerings.

Made in India, Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen (IDA735, $35.00)

Introducing readers to the best authentic Indian cuisine, British chef Meera Sodha serves up over 130 recipes that are flavorful, fresh and surprisingly easy to make. Sodha's dishes, taken from three generations of her family, include Chili Paneer, Betroot and Feta Samosas, Mum's Chicken Curry and Love Cake with Cardamom, not to mention our managing editor's favorite, Bombay Eggs.

Alpine Cookbook (ALP49, $22.00)

Subtitled "Comfort Food from the Mountain," DK's Alpine Cookbook collects 110 delicious recipes from Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. The dishes, which combine traditional cuisine with modern trends, include schnitzel, potato pancakes, meaty main courses and savory vegetarian options — a cozy cuisine for the cold months ahead.

Postcards from Marrakesh, Recipes from the Heart of Morocco (MRC152, $22.95)

With plenty of illustrations, photographs and 140 authentic recipes, this book presents all aspects of Moroccan cuisine. Food writer Andy Harris waded through the hustle and bustle of Djemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh and combed Morocco's food stalls to discover the country's best breakfasts and snacks, tagines, roasts and desserts. His recipes include Slow-cooked Mechoui Lamb, Pomegranate Sorbet and Mint Tea Jelly.

Essential Turkish Cuisine (TKY298, $40.00)

This recipe book by Engin Akin (who owns a world-renowned cooking school in Ula, Turkey) is an expert introduction to Turkey's complex culture of food. The well-illustrated recipes for dolmas, kebabs, halva and much more include creations like Crepes with Tahini, Lamb with Quince and Fresh Sour Cherry Hosaf.


National Geographic Family Reference Atlas of the World (WLD178, $70.00)

With 1,000 crystal-clear maps, hundreds of illustrations, photographs, charts and tables and 30 thematic spreads on everything from biodiversity and natural resources to world health and education, this is a marvelously informative, up-to-date atlas for all ages.

The East View World Geographical Atlas
(REF38, $150.00)

Published in cooperation with the cartographers at Instituto Geografico de Agostini, this sumptuously produced atlas follows the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names. It's a beauty, featuring both political and physical maps of countries and regions of the world. This boxed 18th edition measures 11.5 x 16 inches.

Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World
(GEN71, $200.00)

The 14th edition of the world's most authoritative atlas, presented in all its meticulous glory with each double-page spread a whopping 16 x 22 inches and an extraordinary 200,000 place name index.

Oxford Atlas of the World (WLD84, $89.95)

A beautifully illustrated 75,000-entry atlas featuring disputed boundaries, railways and principal roads. Updated annually, the atlas measures 14.5 x 11 inches.


Places of a Lifetime, 225 Dream Destinations Around the World (WLD291, $40.00)

Ideal for inspiring and planning a dream trip, this National Geographic bucket list brings readers a little closer to visiting 225 of the world's most breathtaking natural and man-made locales. The plethora of visual wonders features ancient monoliths, windswept islands, famous artwork, cityscapes, rain forests, ancient cobbled streets and all types of architecture. Each entry includes some hard service information to jumpstart readers' travel planning.

World Monuments, 50 Irreplaceable Sites to Champion Around the World (WLD290, $50.00)

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the World Monuments Fund pulled together some of today's most influential travel writers (including the great William Dalrymple) for this photographic tour of 50 awesome world sites. Great for travel inspiration, the book surveys locales from Venice and Petra to New Orleans, India, Paris and all around the globe. Although important as national heritage sites, many of the architectural gems on the list depend on visitors for their preservation.

World Heritage Sites (CON53, $29.95)

How many have you visited? This beautifully illustrated compendium, just revised, includes color photographs, a map and succinct descriptions of each of the 1,007 archaeological sites, monuments, cities and parks inscribed by UNESCO from 1978 to 2014. Organized by order of inscription.

Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travelist (TVL630, $24.99)

Lonely Planet's well-produced compilation of 501 unmissable great sights is the world traveler's ultimate bucket list. Sites include Alcatraz, Cradle Mountain, Ross Ice Shelf, Gullfoss and many, many more. Each entry includes an engaging write-up and inspired photography, plus there is a separate, fold-out chart on which to tick off the top sights, once you've "been there, done that!"


Every traveler dreads the long hours before arrival, whether on a long-distance drive or delayed flight. We've got the games and activities to keep you entertained, from wildlife playing cards to puzzles, stickers and origami. You can even get in some international spy training while you wait.

Photi-what?? Utilizing the new technology of photicular images, these innovative, highly entertaining Photicular books use interleaved photos, sliding lenses and four-color video imagery to depict the wildlife you might encounter in various habitats, whether on safari, under the sea or at the poles.

Coloring books are no longer just for kids! Join the growing cultural trend that has adults of all ages rediscovering the joy of color. These coloring books for various age groups will help pass long hours in transit, allowing you to engage with vivid scenery and foreign landscapes from your airport gate.

Please email with your suggestions and comments. We like to hear from our customers!

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