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  1. 1. New & Noteworthy: Dreaming of Africa
  2. 2. Featured Publisher: Milkweed Editions
  3. 3. New in Paperback: Expatriates, Elsewhere, Encounters
  4. 4. Featured Series: Lonely Planet Anthologies
  5. 5. Where to Go Next: Colombia

Dear Traveler,

What are your dreams for the New Year? In the midst of a cold, dark winter, we're conjuring the warm continent of Africa. This newsletter brings you books set in a variety of African countries, as well as a few popular novels that comment on the African immigrant experience in America.

We're also profiling titles from a local publisher of some fantastic place-based books, Milkweed Editions. We've got fun travel anthologies to keep you entertained by the fire, and books on the destination everyone's talking about this year: Colombia.

Sweet dreams,

Jodie Vinson


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Behold the Dreamers (NYC323, $28.00)

Cameroon native and debut novelist Imbolo Mbue tells the arresting story of married Cameroonian immigrants living in New York City and how they, and the rich family they work for, are affected by the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Praised for its insight into the immigrant experience and the American Dream.

The Story of Egypt (EGY431, $29.95)

Fletcher's lively tableau of ancient Egypt is filled with 4,000 years of stories and epic individuals. Her history unveils recently discovered facts about the women pharaohs, the ancestor of the Suez Canal and many more exciting discoveries from Egyptology.

Thank You, Madagascar: The Conservation Diaries of Alison Jolly (MAD60, $18.95)

Best known for her lemur biology research, late primatologist Alison Jolly captures the successes and failures of conservation efforts on Madagascar as well as the lives of the island's residents in this posthumous publication. Includes a foreword by Hilary Bradt.

Homegoing (WAF197, $26.95)

Two half-sisters born in different Ghanaian villages grow up assuming vastly different lives: one marries an English colonel and lives a comfortable life in Cape Coast Castle and the other is imprisoned in the castle dungeon before being shipped to the US and sold into slavery. A striking, ambitious debut novel.

South Africa, The Art of a Nation (SAF396, $55.00)

John Giblin, a curator at the British Museum's Africa collections, delivers a chronological exploration of South African art, moving from prehistoric artifacts through 1990. In addition to his coverage of the vibrant contemporary art scene, Giblin discusses the influence of Dutch, British, Malay, Chinese and Indian settlers on South African artists as well as the fascinating resistance art movement that responded to apartheid.

Precious and Grace (BOT53, $25.95)

In this 17th installment in Alexander McCall Smith's bestselling No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, Botswana's premier lady detective is forced to work without the aid of her co-detective and assistants. The case: to help a young woman find a long-lost acquaintance.

Dreaming of Lions (SAF386, $17.95)

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas' sharply observed and candid memoir illuminates a lifetime of observing wild places. The renowned anthropologist discusses living with the Dodoth people of Uganda, studying wolves on Baffin Island and lions in Namibia.


A few months ago, we were pleased to welcome a new bookstore into our local community: Milkweed Books. The new storefront, located in the Open Book Centeralongside the publisher Milkweed Editions, the Loft Literary Center, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, a small gallery, gift shop and café, offers a great space to browse, read and become inspired. Longitude draws from Milkweed Editions for books on a variety of destinations, including some of our favorites, featured below.


The Expatriates (HKG53, $16.00)

In this poignant, heart-wrenching second novel, Janice Y.K. Lee tells the stories of three American women whose lives collide in a small expat community in Hong Kong, as they grapple with their emotions, identities and relationships.

Writings from Ancient Egypt (EGY435, $17.00)

Newly translated from the original hieroglyphics, this Penguin Classics edition of rare Egyptian texts is a unique window on their mysterious culture. The deeply religious writings include accounts of battles, hymns and stories.

Worlds Elsewhere, Journeys Around Shakespeare's Globe (GRB312, $19.99)

Broadcaster Andrew Dickson explains how Shakespeare became (and remains) "the world's favorite writer" as he travels to China, Germany, India, South Africa and the fictional worlds of the plays themselves.

The Encounter, Amazon Beaming (AMZ150, $16.95)

Intrepid explorer Loren McIntyre seeks the source of the Amazon River in this work of creative non-fiction by Petru Popescu, based entirely on McIntyre's thrilling adventure.

The Ottoman Endgame (MDE231, $20.00)

Covering the period between 1908 and 1923 this history reconceives the effects of WWI and the birth of the modern Middle East from the Ottoman perspective. Historian Sean McMeekin chronicles Lawrence in Arabia, Gallipoli, the "wars of Ottoman succession" and much more.


Lonely Planet has long been a receptacle of travel stories from around the globe. Editor Don George has culled these stories into new and updated anthologies featuring the work of contemporary writers, including Pico Iyer, Lily King, Cheryl Strayed and Ann Patchett. Organized around themes like culinary travel and adventure, the stories entertain while inspiring armchair travelers to embark on their own escapades. For more great travel writing collected into anthologies, click here.


Colombia: A Concise Contemporary History (SAM212, $35.00)

This refreshing history of Colombia showcases the country's political, social and cultural accomplishments over the past two centuriesa welcome break from all the focus on Colombia's failures and disappointments.

The Colombia Reader: History, Culture, Politics (SAM226, $29.95)

Through contributions by writers, poets, political leaders and lay people, this Colombia primer gives insight into religion, art, culture, regional differences, gender inequalities, the rural/urban divide and more, fleshing out a country often defined by its drug wars.

Love in the Time of Cholera (SAM26, $16.00)

From Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the glorious tale of great love consummated after fifty years, nine months and four days, memorably set in a dusty 19th-century town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Contemporary Art Colombia (SAM220, $85.00)

The first comprehensive survey of Colombian art printed in English, this work sketches the new and dynamic art scene that has blossomed in the Latin American nation within the last decade.

Colombia Birds (SAM216, $7.95)

Perfect for identifying the birds of Colombia, this guide easily slips into a pocket. Laminated with full-color illustrations that depict over 200 birds.

Bradt Guide Colombia (SAM128, $27.99)

A compact, detailed guide to Colombia, strong on practical information. With detailed sketch maps.

Colombia Adventure Map (SAM96, $11.95)

A colorful travel map of Colombia at a scale of 1:1,525,000, printed on water- and tear-proof paper.


 Wine Maps Now Available from Longitude Maps

VinMaps' premium collectible and gift wine maps capture the splendor and geography of wine country with stunning visual effects and cartography.

Wine enthusiasts know that enjoying fine wines is a full sensory experience. VinMaps' elegant and distinctive wine maps take that experience to the next level with their stunning and colorful cartography of wine country printed on high-quality paper.

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