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A Mountaineer's Life

Steve Roper (Foreword), Allen Steck

Sixteen-year-old Allen Steck made his initial climb, a first ascent of Mount Maclure in the Sierras, with no hardware, no ropes, no experience. Over 70 years later, Steck has had a prolific climbing career, including a 1954 expedition to Makalu, a 1963 first ascent of the south face of the Clyde Minaret, and a 1965 first ascent of the Hummingbird Ridge on Mount Logan. With amazing photographs, many published for the first time, this memoir is a treasure, an inspiration, and an anchor to the foundation of the life-changing sport of alpine climbing. Steck co-founded and edited Ascent magazine and partnered with Mountain Travel, America’s first true adventure travel company.

ISBN: 9781938340703
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Known as “The Slim Fox” in climbing circles, Allen Steck has earned the title “living legend.” Now 91 years old, there are few mountaineers like him left, and his beautifully produced memoir A Mountaineer’s Life is a both a clear record of his career in the sport, and a call to those inspired to follow in his footsteps. ... more

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