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American Southwest

American Southwest

The "four corners" of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona are at the heart of America's magnificent Southwest, an arid landscape filled with elegant rock formations, ancient cultures and hardy wildlife. Travelers to this land, and its many legendary national parks, can't go wrong with the classic Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey or works by the (always fantastic) Terry Tempest Williams, and there are also plenty of photography books that really bring those canyons into focus. 

Follow the links below to see recommended reading for each destination.

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The Places Where Life Begins
Kindly contributed by Michael Engelhard, author of the forthcoming Ice Bear, The Cultural History of an Icon. The product of meticulous research, his cultural narrative examines over 8,000 years of polar bear history. Engelhard probes the narratives of the Inuit, hunters and settlers as well as modern science to show the many forms the powerful, elusive animal has taken. In his book American Wild Engelhard documents his travels between the two areas of the world he identifies as his "soul-scapes," canyon country of the American Southwest and Alaska's great wilds.