At the Movies: Everest

Whether you are planning a trip to Everest or simply to the theater to marvel at the new film Everest, based on the tragic 1996 expedition made famous by John Krakauer's Into Thin Air, we've got the books to keep you informed. The film stars Jason Clarke as expedition leader Rob Hall and Michael Kelly plays intrepid journalist Krakauer, one of the few who survived the mountain to tell the heart-rending tale. Here are a few more titles to read after the film and before you go. For a complete list of recommendations, click here.

The Conquest of Everest. Published to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest, this visually spectacular book features a trove of original photographs and other rare materials from the George Lowe collection, many unpublished, complemented by classic images from the final ascent. Stunning landscapes, candid portraits, and action shots describe the day-by-day moments of the historic expedition as never before.

Into Thin Air. In this bestseller, climber and journalist Krakauer reconstructs a minute-by-minute account of what went wrong on the great mountain in 1996. He captures the immediacy of those few hours on Everest when disaster struck -- and the psychological complexity of surviving a tragedy.

Everest, A Trekker's Guide. A brief pocket guide to seven treks in the Everest region (including one in Tibet) with sketch maps, good general information and a few photographs.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal Map. A durable, folded topographic map for treks from Lukla through Sagarmatha National Park to Everest Base Camp, at a scale of 1:50,000. It features contour lines, well-marked trails, campsites and other notable features. The reverse features a map of Nepal and an inset of Kathmandu. Two Sides. 24x36 inches. For more recommended reading on Everest, click here.