At the Movies, In the Dark

The new film The 33 follows the release of the book Deep Down Dark, an account of the harrowing 69 days a group of Chilean miners spent trapped in a collapsed mine in 2010. In the book, a recent Longitude Book Club pick, Journalist Hector Tobar brings to light for the first time the stories of the 33 men who survived the disaster in the San Jose mine outside of Copiapo, Chile. Not only does Tobar successfully profile each of the trapped men, he weaves a context around their struggle to survive until it becomes the larger story of the South American nation. From Charles Darwin's discoveries in the Atacama Desert to the legalities plaguing the men after their harrowing escape to the Chilean pride that keeps them sane, Tobar's book is a lively portrayal of the lives of everyday Chilean workers, their challenges, foibles and triumphant spirit. For more books on Chile, click here.