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Atlas of Remote Islands

Judith Schalansky
Penguin Putnam

An imaginative guide to the world’s loneliest islands, this collection of maps and lore won Germany’s most beautiful book award. Novelist and graphic designer Schalansky reveals the secrets of 50 remote islands, making them seem even more mysterious and alluring in the process. With color maps throughout, information on distance from the mainland, number of inhabitants (if any) and historical and scientific stories.

ISBN: 9780143118206
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Editorial Reviews

Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On and Never Will"

Even among our absurdly well traveled customers, friends and expedition leader colleagues, we're betting no one has been to nearly all 50 islands featured in Judith Schalansky's beguiling collection of maps and essays. If you've been to more than 14, drop us a line. ... more

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