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Both country and continent, Australia is home to several major coastal cities as well as wildlife as diverse as the kangaroo and duck-billed platypus. Our recommended reading lists invite you to travel by camel across the vast interior desert of the Outback with the fearless Robyn Davidson in Tracks, explore the natural and human history of the Great Barrier Reef, travel to Tasmania and cross the Kimberley. Or perhaps you just need a good dive guide -- we've got you covered there, too.

Follow the links below to see recommended reading for each destination.

The Longitude Blog – Australia
Top Ten Spring Travel Titles
As the weather warms we begin to dream of travels ahead. These hand-picked selections from all the exciting new travel titles being published this spring are the perfect companions to your destination dreaming. Whether you are plotting a trip to sultry Havana, exploring the National Parks of Europe or preparing for a birder's big year, these spring travel books will help prepare you for the next adventure.

Savage Grace
“My feeling for wilderness or wildness was both a revolt from something and an impulse towards. Towards unfetteredness, towards the sheer and vivid world.” With these words, intrepid nature-lover Jay Griffiths introduces Savage Grace, her lucid cri de coeur about untamed landscapes and indigenous culture. Her writing touches on five peoples represented by natural elements: The Aguaruna of the Amazon (Earth), the Inuit of Nunavut (Ice), the Bajo of Indonesia (Water), the Aborigines of the Australian desert (Fire) and the Dani of West Papua (Air).
Inside Tracks

Read the book, watch the film! A recently released major motion picture brings to life Robyn Davidson’s classic travelogue Tracks, the story of a young woman’s epic journey by camel across the formidable Australian Outback. Davidson arrived in the Outback with a dog, a little cash, and she managed to find and train some camels (feral in Australian desert since the 19th century) to carry her on her journey. Her absorbing account of her almost 2,000 mile trek across the desert is a tale of true adventure shot through with a feel for the landscape and empathy for the Aboriginal people she meets along the way.