Back in Print!

Here are some travel titles we're excited to see back in print!

Handmade in India. Featuring 3500 color photos and organized by region, this sumputous album covers the diverse crafts of India with style and authority. (IDA579, $75.00)

Harem, The World Beyond the Veil. A fascinating, illustrated look at the culture of the Harem -- particularly the well-known quarters at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. The author, who was born in the old house of what once was the harem of a pasha, combines interviews, history and a wonderful selection of art in this intriguing book. Size: 7'' x 10''.  (ARB23, $29.95)  

On Top of the World, Five Women Explorers in Tibet. This profile of Victorian women in Tibet, three British, an American and a French woman includes the well known adventures of Alexandra David-Neel and Isabella Bird Bishop in addition to the less-known exploits of Nina Mazuchelli, Ann Taylor and Fanny Bullock Workman.  (TBT28, $18.95)

Through the Brazilian Wilderness. A reprint of T.R. Roosevelt's account of an 1913 expedition through the Amazon of Brazil and Paraguay. It includes a chronicle of the joint effort with Col. Candido Mariano da Silva Rondon to explore the course of the uncharted "River of Doubt," a tributary of the Amazon now known as the Roosevelt River. The two-month expedition, named Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition, resulted in a collection of some 2, 500 birds, 500 mammals and several score of reptiles for the American Museum of Natural History.  (BZL28, $14.95)

Provence. No dilettante, Lawrence Durrell lived in Provence for thirty years, spending winters in a picturesquely decrepit chateau not far from Beaucaire. He loved the place. Fueled by his many travels, prodigious scholarship (and not a small amount of local wine), Durrell has written a love letter to Provence, strong on the Greek and Roman heritage of the region. An impressionistic account, the book helpfully includes rules for lovers, plenty of poetry, and much inspiration for visiting classical sites.  (FRN172, $14.95)