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Why Longitude?

At Longitude we specialize in classic accounts of exploration, guidebooks, novels, field guides, maps and other books that intellectually curious travelers demand. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, great service and careful selection of the best books and maps, which may be otherwise hard to find. You can count on us to provide:

  • Focused reading recommendations for destinations around the world
  • A distinctly non-commercial feel: no banner advertising and certainly no publisher-paid book recommendations
  • Trustworthy book and map recommendations based on over fifteen years of travel and reading, both our own and that of our educational travel partners
  • Hard to find books, some available only through Longitude
  • Knowledgeable, prompt customer service


As a full-service book resource, we offer our partners the following services:

Customized Reading Lists
Longitude was founded on the idea that literature adds great value to a travel experience and creating customized reading lists for our travel partners is the mainstay for the company today.

Bulk Book and Map Sales
If your travel company is in need of purchasing travel-related books or maps in bulk to give to your tour participants, stock your office or build a library, Longitude can help.

Drop Shipping Services
Longitude can ship packages directly to your customers with your travel company’s logo and mailing address on the label.

Build a Library
Longitude has created libraries for travel companies across the globe, as well as for a host of small and large cruise companies. A ship, train or hotel library is a great way to show your travelers you care about their experience.


Our reading list service is free, and you benefit not only by adding value to your trips through the richness literature can bring to a travel experience, but also by earning free book credit with our company whenever your travelers purchase books and maps from us.

Free Book Credits
Your company earns free books for the referral sales you generate. For each book or map unit sold, you will earn $ .75 book credit. That credit will accumulate and never expire. You will receive a quarterly update by email when you have earned new book credits or used them.

When you have earned enough credits, contact Longitude and use the credits to buy any book or map on our site. This is a great way to stock your company library, buy gifts for special customers (which Longitude can drop ship) or provide your tour guides with the materials they need to make your trips great.

When you sign up as a partner, your company will be assigned a unique code that will be included in your reading list links, allowing us to track referral sales. Any sales generated through distribution of printed reading guides with our order information counts for credit too. You earn free books whether travelers call us on the phone, order online, mail or fax their order.

As a Longitude Partner, you’ll get an automatic discount on any books that you buy from us directly, generally 20% and sometimes more. Please note that discounts are not valid on orders purchased with free book credits.

Add Value to your Trips
Educate and engage your travelers with a destination even before they arrive. Offering clients well-curated reading lists as a resource reflects your commitment to providing rich and meaningful travel experiences.

How It Works

Make a Reading Guide
Our website hosts hundreds of reading lists for destinations across the globe. You can download these lists for your own use with our handy PDF Maker.

Request Custom Lists

We are also happy to put together custom lists as pdfs or links, reflecting your own recommendations and interests. To request a reading list, contact Managing Editor Jodie Vinson.

Link to Reading Lists on Your Site

You can link to recommended reading for individual destinations and tours, the home page, or to a theme (Summer Reading), specific book or map. When you make a PDF, the link to the reading list can be found in the introductory paragraph. To insure you receive referral credit, the link must contain your partner code.

Get Started

  1. Read the Longitude partner agreement.
  2. Register by completing the application with some basic information about your business. We'll send you an e-mail confirmation with your site code and other details. With this code, you'll be able to place links on your site that we can track.
  3. Put the links on your site. You can link to our home page, a destination page or an individual book. The more targeted the better.
  4. You may also want to provide reading lists directly to your customers. You can print and distribute reading lists the old-fashioned way by mail, include book information in an e-mail bulletin or send a page from the site.