Blog posts of '2011' 'December'

In Search of the South Pole
In Search of the South Pole, the best book we've seen on polar exploration in many a year, captures the ambition, romance and thrill of adventuring in Antarctica. Kari Herbert (daughter of polar explorer Sir Wally) and husband Huw Lewis-Jones collared an international who's who of explorers, historians, scientists and polar experts for this irresistible portrait of place.
Celebrating South Pole 100
Bravo, Amundsen! "And at last we reached our destination," wrote Roald Amundsen 100 years ago on December 14, 1911 at the South Pole. The Prime Minister of Norway is already at the Pole, the King of Norway will unveil a new national monument, and "Framheim, A Village Under the Ice," a reconstruction of Amundsen's long-lost winter quarters, opens Wednesday at the Fram Museum. Naturally, the day-long festivities took place outside.