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Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture
It is fall! Here's the lineup of movie adaptations from now until Christmas, leading with the most improbable: a big Hollywood movie about...birding.  We note also two Spielberg, and two movies with Daniel Craig. A tale of Man, Nature and a Fowl Obsession. Friday, October 14, sees the opening of David Frankel’s The Big Year, the most unlikely movie adaptation of the season. Who would have thought that Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson would star in a movie about … birding.  In
The Serengeti
Kindly contributed by Boyd Norton, author of the just released Serengeti, The Eternal Beginning.
Interwoven with Norton's striking photographs of the landscapes, birds and mammals of the Serengeti are tales of favorite places and moments over the last twenty-five years exploring the plains of East Africa. He writes in an essay on predator and prey:
Times Comprehensive Atlas
The thirteenth edition of this world's most authoritative atlas, presented in all its meticulous glory, is so up-to-date that the barely three-month-old South Sudan is featured among its 25,000 revisions. We dare you to name a place that is not included! Each double-page spread is a whopping 16 x 22 inches and the index of 200,000 place names is unequaled. Presented in a handsome slipcase, the first 5,000 copies of the atlas are offered as a signature edition, shipped with a wall-mountable 1922 vintage world map to mark the 90th anniversary of Bartholomew cartography. This first printing also features a map of Greenland that has generated much controversy.
Featuring 250 color photographs and Boyd Norton's firsthand accounts from his travels in Serengeti National Park, Kenya’s Masai Mara, and Ngorongoro Crater, this striking book is the culmination of a decades-long career in East Africa. Chosen as one of the "40 Most Influential Nature Photographers" in 2010, the roving Norton has worked in the Rocky Mountains, Lake Baikal and Alaska. He is founder and director of Serengeti Watch with Longitude friend and colleague Dave Blanton.
Hessler Gets a MacArthur
As astute as any observer on China with a gift for dialogue, Longitude favorite author Peter Hessler (River Town, Oracle Bones, Country Driving) was named a 2011 McArthur Fellow today. The Beijing-based correspondent for The New Yorker from 2000-2007, Hessler and his wife and fellow author Leslie T.