Blog posts of '2012' 'November'

Round About
Harvard Historian Joyce Chaplin traces the outsized personalities, grand enterprises and inspired folly of globe-trotting men and women over the last 500 years. Beginning, naturally with Magellan (his was the first circumnavigation even if he died en route), she covers scientists, explorers, pirates and empire builders from James Cook to Charles Darwin, Phileas Fog (she includes fictional characters too), Amelia Earhart and many others all the way to Yuri Gagarin and John Glenn. We've got more at Voyages of Discovery.
We're Moving!
Big News. We're packing up the books and the office, heading west, and not a little bit north, to Minnesota on Friday, November 30 to our new home at East View Map Link, the leading distributor of maps in the United States. Longitude will begin shipping from its new headquarters on Tuesday, December 4. Not to worry: the web site, recommended reading, toll-free number—and pretty much everything else will stay the same.  We couldn't be happier about the big move and look forward to the opportunities ahead.
Chianti Hills
A brief report from Darrel's recent time exploring the Chianti Hills between Florence and Siena, along with recommended reading. With a castle or keep on every hill (many dating from the year 1,000 or thereabouts) and slopes cloaked in evergreen oak, vineyards and olive groves, the landscape of the Chianti Hills is enchanting. It is not hard to imagine why families from Florence and Siena battled over this beautiful land for centuries (Napoleon passed through as well).  The traditional white roads of Tuscany, much used in this agricultural region, connect vineyards, olive groves and villages.
Free Shipping
We'll be closed for inventory Friday, November 30 to Monday, December 3. As a thank you to our beloved customers, get free standard shipping on orders of $25 or more this week. (Use promo code: LOTHANKS at checkout). Holiday newsletter is in the works...though you might want to have a preview of our highly recommended Illustrated books of the season, choice selections on Food & Wine, or our Year's Best Reads.