Blog posts of '2012' 'June'

Le Marché Bastille, Paris
Kindly contributed by Marjorie Williams, co-author with Dixon Long of Markets of Paris, now in a second edition — and chock full of maps, color photos and excellent ideas for where to go and what to do.
"My favorite activity in Paris is strolling through markets, so it’s no surprise that my favorite spots are market locations.
Meander is a River, in Turkey
Jeremy Seal writes in Meander not just of his adventures from source to sea across Anatolia but also — with flair and insight — of people, places and of the complexities of life in modern Turkey. Rich in historical associations, the Meander, for obvious reasons, presents some challenges to navigation.
Adieu, Lonesome George
Sadly, a conservation icon is no more. Keeper and Galapagos Park Warden Fausto Llerena found Lonesome George dead in his corral at the Galapagos Park Headquarters in Puerto Ayora on Sunday morning. Estimated to be 100 years old, Lonesome George seemed to be just fine, apparently on his way across the pen when he died.  Part of the team that discovered this last remaining tortoise on Pinta Island in 1972, keeper and park warden Llerena wore a black ribbon as a sign of mourning at the news conference.