Blog posts of '2013' 'January'

Introducing East View
Big News! After 12 years on 30th Street in New York, Longitude moved Minnesota and its new home at East View Map Link, where the new team took over customer service and fulfillment in December. Co-founder Darrel Schoeling will stay on with Longitude, remaining in New York and heading up marketing, sales and overseeing content and partner relations as usual. Daniel Kaizer, who co-founded the company with Darrel in 1999, gets his wish: to go do something else. He'll be on call to do his usual magic with databases, troubleshooting and reporting.
The East View World Geographical Atlas
Published in conjunction with the cartographers at Instituto Geographico de Agostini, this sumptuous world atlas follows the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical names. It's a beauty, featuring both political and physical maps of countries and regions of the world. 18th edition. An oversize hardcover, presented in a slip-case, the fully updated atlas includes the latest world population data and the addition of South Sudan, the 195th country in the world.