Blog posts of '2013' 'December'

Celebrating 125 Years
Since its founding in 1888, National Geographic has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs, illustrations, and gripping stories from the four corners of the earth. Now, in celebration of its 125th anniversary, National Geographic has given ambitious art-publisher Taschen full reign, plumbing the archives for a journey of a lifetime, distilled into three prodigious volumes. Limited and numbered, National Geographic, Around the World in 125 Years, showcases 1,468 pages of photos — many unpublished — by luminaries including Steve McCurry, Frans Lanting, George Rodger, James Nachtwey.
My Promised Land
An elite paratrooper, self-described peacenik and columnist for the Haaretz who came of age in the 1960s, journalist Ari Shavit opens My Promised Land with the tale of his British great grandfather, the Right Honorable Herbert Bentwich, and his 19th-century pilgrimage to the Holy Land.