Blog posts of '2014' 'June'

Seed of the Future
Happy Birthday, Yosemite! On June 30, 1864, in the midst of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant Act to promote a peaceful respite for Americans. The act would protect and preserve the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias over the next 150 years.
Iceland's Ring Road
Assistant Editor Ashley Bergman spent a week traveling Iceland's Ring Road in early June, where she found a favorite spot among the sheep, protector trolls and literary characters of the country's striking landscape.
The Interior Circuit
Francisco Goldman is an award-winning journalist and novelist whose best work has been born out of his intimate relationship with Latin America and its literature. Goldman’s new book The Interior Circuit, is about his relationship to his loss and to his wife’s native home, Mexico City.
Dolman Travel Award: Short List
The short list for Britain's 2014 Dolman Travel Book Award contains one posthumous publication (The Broken Road), two books about Russia (The Last Man in Russia and Consolations of the Forest) and three books whose authors explore a past era through the travels of the Beats, six Englishwomen and the Romans (American Smoke, O My America! and Under Another Sky.) The winner will be announced in September. Which book has your vote?
Unexpected Paris
Kindly contributed by historian Joan DeJean, author of How Paris Became Paris, The Invention of the Modern City. Beginning with 17th-century Bourbon monarchs like Henry IV, DeJean relates the fascinating story of how Parisian rulers transformed the city into a cosmopolitan metropolis.
The Pilot and the Little Prince
Fans of The Little Prince, the illustrator Peter Sis and of whimsical children's books in general should look no further than Sis's new biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery for children, The Pilot and the Little Prince. The tale begins with Saint-Exupery as a child, a boy "born to be an adventurer" who looks fittingly like a Sis version of the classic Little Prince. Expertly weaving the history of early aviation with Saint-Exupery's growing passion for flight, the story follows our hero from his early days as a mechanic to his first flight to deliver mail from France to Spain by himself to his exile in New York during WWII.
FIFA World Cup: Brazil
This summer, athletes and fans from over 30 nations will gather in Brazil, called together by one common and powerful obsession: futebol, "O Jogo Bonito" (The Beautiful Game). The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicked off June 12 with the Brazilians defending their home turf against Croatia and continues through mid-July with 64 rousing matches in 12 Brazilian cities. Whether following the tournament from your armchair or cheering from a rowdy South American stadium, these books allow you to track your favorite team, understand the sport and explore the rich culture of the host country -- from Brazil’s sophisticated cities to its soccer fields.
Happy Bloomsday!
Happy Bloomsday, everyone! June 16 marks the day when James Joyce met his wife Nora Barnacle. To commemorate that occasion, Joyce set his masterpiece Ulysses -- a 600 plus page novel that follows Leopold Bloom, a Jewish advertising salesman, around his everyday life in Dublin -- on that day in 1904. To celebrate that feat, readers from all over the world gather for public readings, re-enactments and, of course, plenty of drinking on June 16.
Books for Dad
Natural Histories.For those of you doing some last minute shopping for Father's Day, let us help. Whether he's a naturalist or history buff, bike fanatic or fisherman, here are some great gift ideas for Dad.
The People's Republic of Amnesia
For the past 25 years in China, silence has shrouded the events of the June 4th, 1989 uprising in Tiananmen Square, when the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army opened fire on the unarmed citizens of Beijing. In her fascinating exploration of those events -- seemingly erased from the collective consciousness -- NPR's China correspondent Louisa Lim evaluates the irrevocable impact of the Tiananmen Square Massacre through the interwoven stories of eight individuals, including the government official who ordered tanks to enter the square, a student protester who survived the attacks and the two women who started Tiananmen Mothers, a grassroots organization working to override the government's silence on the events. Her book,