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Happy 100th, Nat Geo Cartographic!
Happy Birthday, National Geographic! This month National Geographic Cartographic celebrates 100 years of map making. Over the past century, National Geographic's cartographic department has produced maps charting the night sky, the ocean floor and all the continents in between. (The full count is: 438 supplement maps, thousands of maps for the magazine, ten world atlases, dozens of globes -- even maps in digital form). In celebration, we’re highlighting their line of Adventure Maps to countries across the globe. Don’t miss this fascinating
The Panama Canal: 100 Years
On August 15, 1914, the SS Ancon became the first vessel to make the ocean-to-ocean passage through the Panama Canal. Over the next hundred years, more than a million ships would cross the man-made channel, carrying commerce and culture to far-flung places and uniting disparate nations into a global community. To mark the 100th anniversary of that first transit, we’re offering books to help you plan an adventure through the historic waterway and beyond to Panama and Costa Rica.