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Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Darwinian Tourist, Viewing the World through Evolutionary Eyes (SCI291, $34.95)

Lucky dog! Popular professor of ecology Chris Wills gets paid to do research in places like Sulawesi (see below), Madagascar's Ranomafana National Park and the rainforests in Borneo, all included in this illustrated account of ecological adventures and the richness of an evolutionary perspective. Sulawesi, Indonesia
Orkhon River, Mongolia
Jack Weatherford MongoliaThe glory of Mongolia, Jack Weatherford reminds us, “is best appreciated through not just the magnificence of their history and the grandeur of their music, but also in the splendor of the landscape.” If you are thinking of visiting -- and it is hard not to after reading his new book -- he kindly suggests this natural crossroads in central Mongolia. “In the spring, thousands of white cranes gather to mate along the Orkhon River north of Karakorum where clusters of wild irises bloom, while chunks of ice still float in the river.
Torgersen Island, Antarctica
Fen MontaigneKindly Contributed by Fen Montaigne Author of Fraser's Penguins.  Torgersen Island, which is customarily visited by expedition ships visiting the U.S. Palmer Station, is a bustling place during the day. Two of the largest remaining Adelie penguin colonies in the region are on the north side of Torgersen, and lines of adult Adelies shuttle to and from the sea as they scramble to feed their rapidly growing chicks.
Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Joshua Slocum
Kindly Contributed By Geoffrey Wolff
Author of The Hard Way Around
"My family kept our 30-foot cutter, the Blackwing, on a mooring off the east coast of Conanicut Island. Jamestown, Rhode Island faces Newport, a couple of miles across Narragansett Bay from that legendary har bor where Joshua Slocum anchored after his pioneering solo circumnavigation of the world ended on June 27, 1898 after 46,000 miles — three years, two months and two days. It was on a June afternoon ninety years later that — sailing solo from Block Island — I tried to imagine what he must have felt bringing his adventure to an end.