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The Way of Herodotus
A Penguin Classics edition of The Histories in hand, Justin Marozzi journeys from Herodotus' home town of Halicarnassus (now known as Bodrum), to Baghdad, Babylon, Egypt, Athens and the Peloponnese, weaving tales of his hero with erudite and entertaining modern travel. He even stops to have lunch (and a good deal of Retsina) with the British author Patrick Leigh Fermor ("one of the finest writers in the English language") at his home in Kardamyli.
Book Lust to Go
Recommended Reading for TravelersAmerica's favorite librarian Nancy Pearl takes on travel in this A-to-Z for what to read for 120 destinations. Her zeal for books, especially historical fiction, and mysteries of all sorts, is infectious. How else would we have stumbled across Sofi Oksanen's powerful first novel Purge (BLT43, $14.95), which recalls the 20th-century history of Estonia? Or Tarquin Hall's irresistible detective Vish Puri ìIndia's most Private Investigator," star of The Case of the Missing Servant (IDA606, $14.00) and The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing (IDA605, $24.00).
The Travel Book
A Journey Through Every Country in the WorldWondering Where to Go Next? Each country, no matter how big or small, gets a colorful double-page spread in this glossy A-to-Z of travel from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  Bigger and better than ever (it's the second edition of the best-selling original by our friends at Lonely Planet), we can't keep our hands off this celebration of the world.  We've got this book on the top of our holiday gift guide for travelers.
Built to Last
A compilation of MacAulay's books Castle, Cathedral and Mosque with updated research and new color drawings. MacAulay tells the fictional but accurate stories of how these structures were built and explains their historical and cultural importance. Packed with wonderfully detailed illustrations, this book will appeal to all ages.
Country Driving, A Journey from Farm to Factory
ChinaAs astute as any observer on China with a gift for dialogue, Beijing-based Peter Hessler (River Town, Oracle Bones) shows the absurdity, humor and hope of China in this latest portrait of a nation catapulted into the modern world. Opening with an eventful 7,000-mile road trip along the Great Wall across Northern China, the book also continues with the tale of his time in Sancham, a small farming village, and closes with his time in the factory city of Lishui.
Atlas of Remote Islands
Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On and Never Will"

Even among our absurdly well traveled customers, friends and expedition leader colleagues, we're betting no one has been to nearly all 50 islands featured in Judith Schalansky's beguiling collection of maps and essays. If you've been to more than 14, drop us a line.

Happy Mother's Day

Cooking with Italian Grandmothers

Let the stories, recipes and love of the nonnas inspire your own Happy Mother's Day. Jessica Theroux's culinary celebration, as much travelogue as cookbook, brings together recipes, anecdotes and photographs of 12 Italian grandmothers she met over a year in Italy, including Armida pictured below. With a map, essay, interview and (this is the best part) authentic recipes by each grandmother, from the perfect panna cotta to classic meat lasagna. Yum.
Sarzana, Liguria