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Empire's Crossroads
Kindly contributed by Ben Coates, who was born in Hertfordshire, England and currently lives in Rotterdam where he works for an international charity. His first book Why the Dutch are Different: Into the Hidden Heart of the Netherlands is published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing.
  The Netherlands is a country often defined by clichés: a place where windmills turn gently in the breeze, bicycles rattle over ancient cobbled streets and slender townhouses line quaysides like books along a shelf.
Spring Travel Titles
Like many travelers, we’re already looking ahead to spring. Whether plotting your travels or simply hoping for a good armchair vacation, here are some titles to watch for as the weather warms. Why the Dutch are Different. Mingling history with travelogue, English expat Ben Coates speaks to why the Netherlands is such a fascinating country, significant beyond its size. His probing narrative explains the importance of the color orange, the ongoing battle to keep water out, the Dutch love affairs with milk and beer, their attitudes toward nature, their world-famous culture of tolerance and why there are many “nether lands.”
Books to Bike By
It's practically summer. If you haven't pulled the old two-wheeler from the garage yet, we've got some books to get you back in the saddle. May is bike month and to celebrate we're featuring some of our favorite books about bikes. Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die. Chris Santella showcases a wide variety expertly selected places to bike, from the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia and the Indochina Trail in Vietnam to the urban jungle of New York City.