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Birds & Mammals of the Antarctic
Polar pioneer, penguinologist and popular lecturer Frank Todd covers all the marine mammals and birds of the Southern Ocean in this gorgeously illustrated compact field guide. Each species gets several color photographs, dramatically presented, alongside key features and distribution notes. Frank Todd's experience -- and collection of photographs -- is legendary (though even he admits sorting out all those prions, diving-petrels and other tubenoses is nearly impossible). This terrific book will give you a fighting chance.
Bay of Isles, South Georgia
Kindly Contributed by Nigel Sitwell, publisher of the Ocean Explorer maps.
Antarctica is one of the world's most exciting and unspoiled wilderness areas, with a range of memorable places to visit. But my favorite spot is not in Antarctica itself but on the coast of South Georgia. This large island is north of 60 degrees South, and thus outside the political realm of the Antarctic Treaty, but it does lie within the biological realm encompassed by the Antarctic Convergence. South Georgia is blessed with majestic scenery and a surprising variety of wildlife and plants.
Atlas of Remote Islands
Fifty Islands I Have Never Set Foot On and Never Will"

Even among our absurdly well traveled customers, friends and expedition leader colleagues, we're betting no one has been to nearly all 50 islands featured in Judith Schalansky's beguiling collection of maps and essays. If you've been to more than 14, drop us a line.

Torgersen Island, Antarctica
Fen MontaigneKindly Contributed by Fen Montaigne Author of Fraser's Penguins.  Torgersen Island, which is customarily visited by expedition ships visiting the U.S. Palmer Station, is a bustling place during the day. Two of the largest remaining Adelie penguin colonies in the region are on the north side of Torgersen, and lines of adult Adelies shuttle to and from the sea as they scramble to feed their rapidly growing chicks.