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A Woman in Arabia
“I summoned my sheiks,” Sheikh Fahd Beg ibn Hadhdhal told Gertrude Bell upon reading one of her letters, “I read them your letter and I said to them, Oh Sheikhs…This is a woman—what must the men be like!” A similar sense of awe at Bell’s sheer bravado, intelligence and wide-ranging accomplishments grip the reader of her letters, journals, military dispatches and travel writing newly collected in the Penguin edition of A Woman in Arabia: The Writings of the Queen of the Desert. The anthology, edited by Georgina Howell, author of
The Arab World
Covering Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and all the 22 countries of the Arab world from Morocco across North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, north to Syria and south to the Sudan and the Comoro Islands, this authoritative atlas features striking maps and up-to-date information on  all 22 countries of the Arab League.  An invaluable reference, just published by the venerable American University in Cairo Press, compiled using information from the latest satellite imagery, the book contains detailed maps of the entire region, showing physical features, political boundaries, towns, and communication networks.