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Words of Mercury
Kindly contributed by Darrel Schoeling, Longitude Books co-founder and Patrick Leigh Fermor aficionado.
Patrick Leigh Fermor’s biographer and friend Artemis Cooper pulled together this inspired sampler of  excerpts, letters, potted portraits of friends and other uncategorizable miscellany, including the great man’s own account of the abduction of General Kreipe, German commander of the Nazi occupation forces in Crete. First published in 2003, this wondrous anthology, Words of Mercury, is a terrific introduction to not just Paddy’s inimitable prose of but also his passions (Greece, books, walking, serendipity).
The Broken Road
“I didn’t go to university; I went traveling instead,” Patrick Leigh Fermor said about his 1933 walk across Europe at the age of 18. The now-complete trilogy documenting his journey is essential curriculum for any traveler.