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Best Travel Books of 2015
Looking for some book recommendations for 2016? As you begin planning you travels for the New Year, don't miss the top ten travel books of 2015. Where the Dead Pause, and the Japanese Say Goodbye. When her American father passes away, Marie Mutsuki Mockett seeks consolation in her mother's home country of Japan. Her relatives own a Buddhist temple near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, and after the 2011 tsunami, radiation levels prohibit the burial of her grandfather.
Top Ten Fall Travel Titles
Autumn is the perfect time for reflection, as we return from our summer travels and begin to dream up new destinations. To help inspire you, we've culled a list of the top ten new travel books we're excited to see published this fall. It's your season, armchair travelers, so curl up with some hot cider and prepare to be taken to new places. For more forthcoming travel books, click here. Plotted, A Literary Atlas.
Restless Empire
All countries are in some way shaped by their geography, and certainly this applies to Russia, “a nation whose sheer size and diversity have challenged rulers and shaped its identity,” according to the editors of Restless Empire: A Historical Atlas of Russia. This ambitious atlas proves an invaluable resource for both Russian scholars and less-informed readers looking for an illustrated overview of how the country’s size and shape has morphed throughout its tumultuous history. Even those who know nothing about Russian history can point to the mammoth nation on the wall map, but this helpful atlas transforms the complex, enormous nation into digestible pieces through colorful maps and illuminating text.
The East View World Geographical Atlas
Published in conjunction with the cartographers at Instituto Geographico de Agostini, this sumptuous world atlas follows the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical names. It's a beauty, featuring both political and physical maps of countries and regions of the world. 18th edition. An oversize hardcover, presented in a slip-case, the fully updated atlas includes the latest world population data and the addition of South Sudan, the 195th country in the world.
The Arab World
Covering Libya, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and all the 22 countries of the Arab world from Morocco across North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, north to Syria and south to the Sudan and the Comoro Islands, this authoritative atlas features striking maps and up-to-date information on  all 22 countries of the Arab League.  An invaluable reference, just published by the venerable American University in Cairo Press, compiled using information from the latest satellite imagery, the book contains detailed maps of the entire region, showing physical features, political boundaries, towns, and communication networks.
The Travel Book
A Journey Through Every Country in the WorldWondering Where to Go Next? Each country, no matter how big or small, gets a colorful double-page spread in this glossy A-to-Z of travel from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  Bigger and better than ever (it's the second edition of the best-selling original by our friends at Lonely Planet), we can't keep our hands off this celebration of the world.  We've got this book on the top of our holiday gift guide for travelers.