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Fall of the Berlin Wall
Though it feels like recent memory, the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago on November 9, 1989. Since that momentous dismantling, the city has undergone tremendous transformation. And yet, despite the changes, the past remains an important part of experiencing Berlin today; the city's haunting history as much as its vibrant present lures visitors. As Rory MacLean puts it in the prologue to Berlin, Portrait of a City Through the Centuries, "Berlin is a city that is forever in the process of becoming, never being, and so lives more powerfully in the imagination...The hypnotic and volatile city comes alive in the mind.
Berlin: Portrait of a City through the Centuries
As we remember the fall of the Berlin Wall—25 years ago now—we memorialize (in chunks of graffiti-ed concrete, in statues and photos) and recall a specific period in the fraught history of that city. Berlin, however, has been re-made several times over, and the dismantling of the Wall is one of many transformations the city has endured through centuries of change. According to Rory MacLean, in the preface of his new book Berlin: Portrait of a City through the Centuries, “Berlin is all about volatility. Its identity is based not on stability but on change.