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Empire's Crossroads
Many rum-punch-sipping travelers to the Caribbean may prefer that their destination remain “unspoiled” by history. But according to journalist-historian Carrie Gibson, they’d be missing a good story, full of clashes of civilization, economic empires, political upheaval and, of course, swashbuckling pirates. In her new book, Empire’s Crossroads, Gibson shows how the combination of Amerindian, European, African, North American and Asian peoples made the Caribbean an often violent, truly unique crossroads that was the first world region to experience globalization. Gibson places each of the islands in an international context.
Paramaribo, Suriname
Kindly contributed by Carrie Gibson, author of the new book Empire's Crossroads, a scholarly, readable history of the entire Caribbean from Cuba to Haiti, Jamaica to Trinidad. Gibson begins in 1492 and ends in the 20th century, covering five centuries with panache.