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Gifts for Travelers
MAP59The holiday season has arrived! We’re here to lighten your load with book recommendations for that person in your life who is always off somewhere new! These gorgeous illustrated gift books would make a treasured addition to any traveler’s library. Happy holidays and safe travels this season! The Travel Book. Each country, no matter how big or small, gets a double-page spread in this big, glossy celebration of travel. All the countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe get a portfolio of color photographs, a map, brief overview and fun facts. Irresistible!
Cities that Shaped the Ancient World
Kindly contributed by Darrel Schoeling, world traveler and Longitude's co-founder.

  Petra, Palenque, Persepolis and Pataliputra (center of the Mauryan empire on the Ganges in India). Travelers, tour operators, hey, anyone with an interest in the (mostly western) roots of civilization will delight at the places included in Cities that Shaped the Ancient World, this latest book by the inestimable John Julius Norwich