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An Interview with Terry Tempest Williams
Equal parts memoir, natural history and ecology manifesto, Terry Tempest Williams' book The Hour of Land honors the centennial our national parks by exploring why the protected, wild lands matter to the soul of America. In this interview, the ever-gracious Williams describes her favorite national park and defines the elusive “hour of land” for the nation.
    Longitude. At the beginning of 
The Galapagos Islands
Kindly contributed by Marylee Stephenson, whose guidebook The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador is out in a fully revised third edition that includes a new chapter on Ecuador. Subtitled "Your Essential Handbook for Exploring Darwin's Enchanted Islands," her practical guide to the archipelago features 100 color photos and coverage of popular visitor sites.
  I’ve been visiting the Galapagos since 1981—with my tenth and latest trip just over a year ago. So much has changed—much for the good, but challenges remain.
Pinta Island
Kindly contributed by Henry Nicholls, author of several books on conservation. Nicholls relates the rich and curious history of the giant panda, from its scientific discovery in 1869 to potent symbol of conservation, in his book The Way of the Panda. In Lonesome George, he shows the marvels of evolution, the nature of the Galapagos Islands and the challenges of conservation through the tale of a single species, in this case the lone tortoise from the Island of Pinta. In his most recent book,