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The Galapagos Islands
Kindly contributed by Marylee Stephenson, whose guidebook The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador is out in a fully revised third edition that includes a new chapter on Ecuador. Subtitled "Your Essential Handbook for Exploring Darwin's Enchanted Islands," her practical guide to the archipelago features 100 color photos and coverage of popular visitor sites.
  I’ve been visiting the Galapagos since 1981—with my tenth and latest trip just over a year ago. So much has changed—much for the good, but challenges remain.
An Interview with Kim MacQuarrie
In his heartfelt meditation on South America and the Andes, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Kim MacQuarrie follows the spine of the world's longest mountain chain, exploring the lives of legendary characters like Charles Darwin, Pablo Escobar and Che Guevara. Picking through remnants and ruins, he muses on the disappearance of indigenous cultures and searches for the true uniqueness of the South American continent. Now he answers a few of our questions about the choices he made to research and tell the fascinating unsung stories compiled in Life and Death in the Andes, On the Trail of Bandits, Heroes and Revolutionaries.