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Body of Water
CRB355In his new book Body of Water, poet and Montana fly-fishing guide Chris Dombrowski maps the Bahamas—its ecology, human history and relationship to the tourism industry—through the person of David Pinder, a legendary bonefishing guide. Dombrowski is deep in a personal depression when a friend offers him a trip to the Bahamas to fish for the elusive and highly-prized bonefish at a prestigious resort. There Dombrowski meets a mentor and guide in the now-retired Pinder, a Bahamian whose stories of his guiding days and the fish he caught, or guided others to catch, are epic narratives told with an often poetic flare.
Opulent Oceans

“The human spirit is inherently drawn to the ocean for recreation, inspiration and solace,” writes American Museum of Natural History president Ellen V. Futter in her introduction to Opulent Oceans, the museum’s new collection of gorgeous illustrations of ocean life. Or, as Herman Melville put it in Moby Dick, “Stand that man on his legs, set his feet a-going, and he will infallibly lead you to water.”  Melville’s words come to mind again when browsing the diverse sea creatures featured in this book, all culled from the museum's Rare Book Collection.

Books for Dad
Natural Histories.For those of you doing some last minute shopping for Father's Day, let us help. Whether he's a naturalist or history buff, bike fanatic or fisherman, here are some great gift ideas for Dad.
The Extreme Life of the Sea
Introducing the earliest, the most archaic, the smallest, the deepest, the oldest, the hottest and coldest marine life on Earth, The Extreme Life of the Sea by the Palumbi father-son team explores how marine life thrives against the odds. Stephen Palumbi directs the Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford, and his son Anthony is a science writer. Together they probe the icy Arctic’s hydrothermal vents, the eternal darkness of the deepest undersea trenches and every ocean and sea in between to describe some of the most extreme life on the planet.