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An Interview with Caroline Eden
authorsWriter and photographer Caroline Eden provides an excellent introduction to Central Asian flavors in her new book Samarkand, co-authored with Eleanor Ford and with photography from Laura Edwards. The beautifully produced cookbook includes travel essays and photos alongside mouth-watering recipes that place Central Asia and the Caucasus back on the culinary map.
  Longitude. Uzbekistan may not be on every traveler’s bucket list. What first drew you to Samarkand? Eden. The wonderful Islamic architecture primarily, but also just the name…“Samarkand.
Kitchens of the Great Midwest
If director Wes Anderson and food writer M.F.K. Fisher joined forces to produce a novel, it would probably look something like the quirky Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal. Set in various towns across the Midwest, the novel follows the life of Eva Thorvald, an orphan who becomes one of the top chefs in the country. A worthwhile protagonist, Eva is fresh, sweet and bubbly without being cloying and also possesses an amazing natural palate and enviable culinary prowess. Readers spend the majority of the uniquely structured novel learning about Eva from the people who pass through her life, including a proud Scandinavian father, a jilted high school boyfriend and a jealous competitor.
Peru: The Cookbook
Peruvian cuisine is gaining popularity in America. Chefs from San Francisco to New York are making Peruvian ceviche, quinoa and lomo saltado -- dishes featuring unique ingredients like the distinct "aji amarillo" chile pepper. Peru: The Cookbook, the new, beautifully produced compendium from Phaidon, showcases tantalizing, traditional home cooking from what is quickly becoming one of the world's most popular culinary destinations. From the bright, multi-colored textured cover to the gorgeous, mouth-watering photographs, the book's design is aimed to inspire the most timid chef. In 500 recipes, author Gaston Acurio moves from ceviche to street food, from broths to beverages.
Following its popular predecessors Tuscany and Sicily, Puglia is the latest title in the Silver Spoon regional cookbook series, a collection that celebrates rich Italian heritage through the country's local cuisine. It’s not hard to see why the southern heel of Italy was chosen for this year’s installment. Puglia's climate and long coastline make it ideal for growing olives and fresh produce. Author and chef Tara Russell explores this landscape, providing information on the area's bountiful markets alongside over 50 recipes.
Trinidad, Cuba
Kindly contributed by Julia Cooke, author of The Other Side of Paradise, Life in the New Cuba, a series of personable essays focused on a unique cast of characters, from the punks to the prostitutes to the Santeria practitioners who make up the youth culture of the island nation. Cooke charts the lives, thoughts and dreams of her subjects as she lives among them.
Spring Travel Books: Publishers Weekly's Top Ten
If you haven't made those summer travel plans yet, it’s time to start plotting. For inspiration, browse Publishers Weekly's top ten travel books that are not to be missed, due out this spring.
Blood, Bones & Butter
There’s been a lot of buzz about Gabrielle Hamilton’s rollicking new memoir, Blood, Bones and Butter, with good reason. Hamilton, owner and chef of the hugely popular, tiny Prune restaurant in New York City, offers up a wonderfully readable, original addition to the culinary canon. This is no romanticized vision of “chefdom” as seen on The Food Network or in glossy celebrity cookbooks. Hamilton’s journey (subtitled “The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef”) is a tough, winding road marked with family dysfunction, menial jobs, a near-miss with the law—and lots of food.
Translating Italian Cuisine
Longitude Editor, Catherine Torphy, reports from Eataly.
While living in Bologna and Rome, I used to bring along a pocket Italian dictionary whenever I ate at a trattoria or restaurant. My Italian was pretty good, but there were always a few unfamiliar words on the menu, and I hated to miss out on a local specialty because I didn’t know a particular translation. What I really needed at the time was a dictionary devoted to food: portable and comprehensive, with an Italian-English translation for whatever ingredient or delicacy might pop up on a menu. Happily, two such books have recently arrived: The Blue Guide Italy Food Companion and Monica Sartoni Cesari’s
Istanbul Eats
Kindly contributed by Yigal Schleifer, co-author of Istanbul Eats, the blog and savvy new guidebook.
Istanbul has increasingly been appearing on the radar screen of globetrotting food lovers. As the authors of Istanbul Eats, a two-year-old blog, and now guidebook, devoted to ferreting out that city’s best authentic food spots, we understand why. Put simply, Istanbul is one of the world’s great culinary capitals, a place where numerous cultures have passed through and left an indelible mark on what’s served in the city’s kitchens.
Catherine's Tucson Food Tour
As we near the end of another cold, gray winter on the East Coast, I’ve kept myself afloat with memories of a recent trip to the desert city of Tucson. Though it’s been associated of late with violence and tragedy, the city that I called home for several years is a wonderfully warm place, both in climate and spirit. Pine-covered mountains and the arid expanse of the Sonoran; palm trees and towering saguaro; modern strip malls and historic adobe neighborhoods; students emblazoned with University of Arizona logos and Spanish-speaking locals: the dualities make for a unique character. And fabulous food. Day one: having just arrived, what better way to start our Mexican Food Extravaganza than en route from the airport to our accommodations (i.e.