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A Holy Mountain in Mongolia
CAS250Kindly contributed by Jack Weatherford, author of several books about Genghis Khan and Mongol culture, including Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World and The Secret History of the Mongol Queens. His latest book, Genghis Khan and the Quest for God  delves into the great leader's tactics off the battlefield, in the world of religion. Here the historian shares a favorite spot to write, live and be in Mongolia.
  I live and write in my favorite spot on planet Earth.
Orkhon River, Mongolia
Jack Weatherford MongoliaThe glory of Mongolia, Jack Weatherford reminds us, “is best appreciated through not just the magnificence of their history and the grandeur of their music, but also in the splendor of the landscape.” If you are thinking of visiting -- and it is hard not to after reading his new book -- he kindly suggests this natural crossroads in central Mongolia. “In the spring, thousands of white cranes gather to mate along the Orkhon River north of Karakorum where clusters of wild irises bloom, while chunks of ice still float in the river.