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Varanasi, India
Kindly contributed by Piers Moore Ede, author of the new book Kaleidoscope City. Whether he is attending Ramalila -- the city's annual performance of the Ramayana, talking those who work the cremation ghats along the Ganges or simply searching for the best mithai, or sweet, in town, Ede presents a vibrant, kaleidoscopic portrait of contemporary Varanasi.
  There are certain cities which offer up their charms immediately: navigation is easy, comfortable accommodation abounds, the right views materialise before one’s camera. Other cities are far less easy. First time visitors find themselves lost in the backstreets, ripped off by touts, unable to reach the city of their expectation.
Kaleidoscope City
“Perhaps for all of us,” Piers Moore Ede begins his new book Kaleidoscope City, “there is a single country, and within that a single place, in which some essential element of the world is illuminated for the first time.” For Ede that place is Varanasi, a city in Northeast India he first visited at 25 and later returned to for a year with the sole purpose of writing about it. India can be intimidating to travelers unused to its chaos and crowds. To Ede, Varanasi captures the essence of the larger country, melding the nation’s colors and contradictions into the microcosm of one city.