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A Litter of Polar Bear Books
ARC309On International Polar Bear Day Feb. 27, let us celebrate the charismatic creature with a few books for discerning (and concerned) readers. This Arctic roundup includes a biological overview, a graphic novel, a travelogue, a pictorial anthology and a children’s book.
Unexpected Paris
Kindly contributed by historian Joan DeJean, author of How Paris Became Paris, The Invention of the Modern City. Beginning with 17th-century Bourbon monarchs like Henry IV, DeJean relates the fascinating story of how Parisian rulers transformed the city into a cosmopolitan metropolis.
America's Covered Bridges
Kindly contributed by Ronald G. Knapp, expert in all things Chinese, author of Things Chinese, Chinese Bridges, Chinese Houses and House Home Family: Living and Being Chinese and co-author of the recently released America's Covered Bridges, which follows the fascinating story of these icons of the American landscape, from their construction to their impact on America's transportation system and expansion as a nation.
Easter Island
Kindly contributed by Susan A. Sternau, author of An Easter Island Sketchbook: An Artist’s Journey to the Mysterious Land of Giant Stone Statues.
North Mani Region, Southern Peloponnese
Kindly contributed by Marjory McGinn, author of Things Can Only Get Feta, an insightful journey through one of the last unspoiled regions of southern Greece, where two journalists and their dog lived in a hillside village as Greece slid into economic crisis.
The Galapagos: A Natural History
Even those of us who are Darwin-obsessed and tend to roam the world with binoculars in hand will learn something from Henry Nicholls’ thoroughly engaging and deftly distilled primer on the Galapagos Islands. From rocks to ocean, seabirds, plants, invertebrates, land birds, reptiles and humans (which get three chapters out of 10), he weaves the history of discovery in Galapagos with eyewitness reports, the ecology and evolution of the archipelago and conservation challenges — all in just 150 pages.
Kindly contributed by Jason Cochran, award-winning travel journalist, editor-in-chief of and author of two recently released guidebooks in Frommer's new EasyGuide series, Walt Disney World and Orlando and London. If you haven't seen one of these new lightweight guides, full of practical, easy to absorb information, you're bound to miss out on some important attractions, authentic experiences and expert advice.
America's Covered Bridges
Kindly contributed by Terry Miller, veteran bridger and author of the new book America’s Covered Bridges.
I’ve been visiting covered bridges since age eight, first with my father, and then, after I got my driver’s license in 1962, on my own.  Since 1953 I have seen well over 1,000 bridges in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and China.  As an intrepid bridger, I found no obstacles too difficult to climb over, no signs threatening enough to scare me off and no state of deterioration too awful to stop me.  Non-bridger friends often saw my actions as foolish.  In retrospect, some were.
Inside a Mongolian Nomad's Ger
Kindly contributed by Liza Carter, with photographs from her book Moving with the Seasons: Portrait of a Mongolian Family, a collaborative effort between Carter and a nomadic Mongolian family living on the steppe. Carter's personable prose and excellent photography capture the Mongolian people's daily lives, in many ways still untouched by modernity.
    The landscape of
Andapa, Madagascar
Kindly Contributed by Hilary Bradt, Founder of Bradt Guides, celebrating 40 years in 2014. Hilary will be giving a talk on Wild Adventures and Extreme Publishing at the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, March 19-23, 2014.
The men listened respectfully as the Président du Fokontany delivered his speech about mutual co-operation. With its soft consonants and lilting cadences the Malagasy language is ideally suited to oratory and this village chief was obviously a master of the art.