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The Yucatan
Kindly contributed by writer and photographer MacDuff Everton, who spent more than four decades living among the Maya. In his book, The Modern Maya, Everton updates our perception of Maya culture by revealing how individuals and families live, work and preserve their rich culture today. Everton is a contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler and author of the book Patagonia: La Ultima Esperanza.
  The Maya and the conquering Spanish looked at the land and saw two completely different realities—the difference between Spain and Yucatán could hardly be greater.
Vizcachas Basin, Patagonia
Kindly contributed by writer and photographer Macduff Everton from his book Patagonia, La Ultima Esperanza, in which his spectacular photographs are paired with the meditative prose of book artist Mary Heebner to present a portrait of a lesser-known, but sublimely beautiful region of Patagonia: Chile's Last Hope Province. Everton has also written extensively on contemporary Maya culture in his book The Modern Maya.
  Most Travelers to Torres del Paine stop in the village of Cerro Castillo, 40 miles north of Puerto Natales.