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Plotted: A Literary Atlas
Good literature and skillful storytelling have ways of leaving readers wistful with desire to join imaginary worlds. This yearning has inspired many stage, film and television adaptations and recently resulted in a collection of maps created and compiled by pop cartographer Andrew Degraff in Plotted, A Literary Atlas. Known for his colorful, engaging maps of famous movies (, Degraff decided to apply the same creativity to books. He embarked on the project with several goals. One, he wanted to tackle stories that hadn’t already been mapped, whether literally or through cinematic or television representation.
Mapping the World
Cartography has a story, but it is one best told in images. The Royal Geographical Society’s Mapping the World artfully narrates the tale through visually stunning maps, culled from the society’s archives. While informative text by author and historian Beau Riffenburgh supplements the display, it would be difficult to find a page without an illustration, and many charts are given a luxurious and much-deserved full-spread. Behind each map is an explorer’s journey, and Riffenburgh expertly relates the daring expeditions that supplied cartographers with information about the unknown world, from the adventures of Sebastian Cabot to James Cook to David Livingstone.